On his death anniversary, we remember the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Also, the father of the first and only female Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, Nehru was a prominent leader of the Indian Independence movement. Nehru’s legacy has been interpreted and reinterpreted over the decades, but his body of work remains a testimony to his scholarship.

Here some quotes from his various works and speeches which show that as a thinker he was way ahead of his times.

On Women

You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women.

On Peace

Without peace, all other dreams vanish and are reduced to ashes.

On Success

Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves.

Success often comes to those who dare to act. It seldom goes to the timid who are never afraid of the consequences.

The ambition of the greatest men of our generation has been to wipe every tear from every eye. That may be beyond us, but so long as there are tears and suffering, so long our work will not be over.

Act with courage and dignity; stick to the ideals that give meaning to life.

Let us be a little humble; let us think that the truth may not perhaps be entirely with us.

On Unity

Remember always that there not so very much difference between various people as we seem to imagine. Maps and atlases show us countries in different colours. Undoubtedly people do differ from one another, but they resemble each other also a great deal, and it is well to keep this in mind and not misled by colours on the map or by national boundaries.

On Action

A leader or a man of action in a crisis almost always acts subconsciously and then thinks of the reasons for his action.


The only alternative to coexistence is codestruction.

Action to be effective must be directed to clearly conceived ends.

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Picture Credit: India Today

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