Pregnant Woman Gets Bail In Drug Dealing Case, Gets Killed By Husband In Broad Daylight

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Pregnant woman killed by husband: A woman in the eighth month of pregnancy with twins, who had been released from jail on bail just three days ago, was allegedly shot dead by her husband outside her home in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi on Tuesday.

The woman named Saina had been in jail as per her involvement in a drug case and was given bail as she was in the eighth month of her pregnancy. At the crime scene, her house help also got shot trying to save her but will survive, deputy commissioner of police RP Meena said. According to the CCTV footage recovered from the crime site, the accused man shot the woman about a dozen times.

The accused man named Waseem had been married to Saina for a year according to the police. The DCP said that Waseem got involved in an extramarital relationship with Saina’s sister while she was in jail. After Saina was released on bail, Waseem did not meet her and the couple got into frequent fights, the police officer added. Waseem allegedly pulling out his gun and shooting Saina was the final showdown of the sour relationship shared between the married couple.

The accused allegedly shot at the woman’s house help too when he tried to come for her rescue. He then threatened to shoot neighbours too if they came forward. the DCP said.

Saina was earlier married to an alleged gangster named Sharafat Sheikh. He is in jail in a drug-dealing case under the MCOCA and NDPS Act. The police are not certain if Saina had ended her marriage with Sheikh before getting married to Waseem.

According to the police Waseem after being identified in the CCTV footage, was tracked down soon. His parents were also contacted by the police.

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