We live in a world where the reality has come down to what meets the eye- nothing more, nothing less. The social media, the selfie-cam have all contributing to the creation of a vanity that has become a lifestyle. The window for creating an impression is shrinking as quickly as the definition of beauty. Dr. Jamuna Pai is at the heart of the cosmetology industry as a veteran, with clients like Arjun Kapoor, John Abraham, Malaika Arora Khan, Nandana Sen etc. She dedicated over two decades of her career helping her patients attain salvation stemming from achieving the self-image they desire. Lending confidence and a sense of security through her treatments, she shares with us her readings of men and women through the ages, and also her experience of writing her first book- “No one has to know”


Interviewed by Binjal Shah for SheThePeople.TV


1. How does it feel being a woman at the heart of India’s Medical Industry? What drove you towards this field?

I feel truly blessed to be able to contribute in some way to the field of science and aesthetics which today is at par if not as important than any other main stream medical practice.

My keen aesthetic sense, passion towards beauty backed by a sound medical knowledge drove me into this field; or rather create this stream of practice. It is the sheer scientific research and the vast development of this field that has made me sure of my decision taken 21 years ago.


2. Tell us about your experience writing a book. This was your first. What pushed you towards finally lifting the proverbial quill?

The idea of writing a book was always there in my mind since almost 15 years now. I got more serious about it, in the last 5 years. It may sound clichéd if I say there is a right time for everything, but I believe that this was the perfect time meant for the launch of “No One has To know” as now with 20 years of experience behind me, I can share more with my readers and clients than what I would have shared a few years earlier. I couldn’t impart advice till I was ready to bet my life on its efficacy.


Dr. Jamuna Pai with Diana Hayden and Mandira Bedi  Picture By: Blush Clinics
Dr. Jamuna Pai with Diana Hayden and Mandira Bedi
Picture By: Blush Clinics

3. Having dealt with people for over two decades, what is your reading of male patients and female patients? Are they driven by different social and emotional goals, in seeking your help and treatments?

Yes, there is a vast difference not just between male and female patients but even between the men and women who came to me a decade ago and those that consult me now. Men then and now, I noticed have been impulsive and take decisions instantly about any treatment. Earlier, yes women were driven by social, economical and family pressures, but that has changed in the women of this decade, as they are financially more independent today. They opt for the treatments by choice, their choice!


4. Have you often found yourself noticing a more wholesome change in your patients, psychologically as well, from when they first walked into your office to when you’re done treating them? And do you feel it is empowering for a woman, to be in complete control of her outside just as much as her inside? 

Definitely! My consultation with my patients is NEVER a point to point approach. More than 50% of the consult time is kept aside for lifestyle changes to be implemented to help in the long run. I stress on the importance of exercise to help delay aging, I discuss with my clients about stress management, I give them practical tips to help alleviate their woes. And then, of course, the medical regimen as per their presenting complaint.

I believe in a holistic approach for any issue faced. The treatments undoubtedly help, and the person feels more confident of his/her own self, but it is not just the treatments, it is the entire approach towards their mind body and well being of the soul.


5. Having said that, do you feel there is an increased amount of vanity that has crept into the current generation? What is your stand on this, as a cosmetologist? 

Yes you are right, there is an increased amount of vanity seen in today’s generation, and pressures of the social media, the portrayal of the aspirational ‘perfect’ women are as much responsible as is the information available at finger tips due to the boon of media/internet. I do not see anything wrong in that. The aesthetic treatments, the cosmetic products are introduced to the consumers after a lot of research and they give prime importance to the safety of the consumers. I think, we surely can strike a balance between the ‘aspirational perfect women’ and the ‘real’ women because  I strictly adhere to my mantra of ‘less is more’ which helps me do that- No one has to know!


Dr. Jamuna Pai  Picture By: Blush Clinics
Dr. Jamuna Pai
Picture By: Blush Clinics

6. Clearly, you are an advocate of directing philanthropy towards women, for an overall greater impact in the world. Isn’t it important for us women to stick together? What drove you towards this particular cause- of helping acid attack victims?

I am a firm believer of empowerment of women and working towards the betterment of girl child. It was my wish to give my parts of the royalty of the book sale to a cause and the acid attack survivors were absolutely the right people as usually it is their faces that get burned and their confidence and life charred besides being scarred. With the help of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons, this seemed the right platform for me to work on as after the surgery the non surgical aspect and rehabilitating them in my line of work seemed just right.

[Featured Picture Courtesy:  India PR Wire ]