Mumbai Shocker: Man Kills Toddler Over Long-Standing Feud With Her Father

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Mumbai Man Kills Toddler: A 10-month-old girl on Friday was found smothered to death by an acquaintance. She lived with her family on the pavement in Goregaon West. The police then arrested Raju Ravat the next day, who reportedly had a long-standing feud with the young girl’s father.

The toddler lived with her family on a pavement at the Aarey Road, and Raju Ravat, the accused also lived close by. The police said that he kidnapped the girl on Friday night after the family had fallen asleep.

On releasing that she was missing, the girl’s family approached the police. They then found the girl’s body in some bushes; she had been smothered to death. Primary medical examination ruled out sexual assault, according to the police.

A senior police officer, in a statement, said that Raju Ravat and the young girl’s father had been “at loggerheads” and Ravat then decided to “teach the family a lesson” by kidnapping and murdering their daughter out of spite.

According to the TOI report, Ravat was picked up by the police on Saturday after receiving a tip-off. The police confirmed that Raju Ravat had been booked for murder under the Indian Penal Code. The police said that he works as a dishwasher at a restaurant.

The shocking case of crime against infants comes on the heels of another one in Lucknow, where a man raped and murdered his five-month-and-thirteen-days old niece. The man was arrested, and in court proceedings, was sentenced to capital punishment. The judge, while noting the rarity and gruesome nature of the crime, refused to decrease his sentence to anything less than capital punishment.

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