MP Hostel Girls Strip-Searched After ‘Used Sanitary Pad Found’

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In a rather disturbing incident that recently took place in a hostel in Madhya Pradesh, around 40 girls were allegedly strip-searched by the warden to check for menstruating girls. The incident took place in the hostel of Dr. Hari Singh Gour University. The truth behind the allegations is being investigated.

The search took place after the hostel warden found a used pad lying in the hostel, which infuriated her. To find the person who left it there, she allegedly took to strip searching all the girls. The girls then spoke about the incident to the authorities. The incident was condemned by the authorities and an immediate probe initiated. The girls, as of now, have refused to talk to the press.

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The Vice-Chancellor of the university deemed the incident as unfortunate and unacceptable

“It’s unfortunate and condemnable. I told students that they’re all like my daughters and I apologise to them. I also assured them that action will be taken in this regard. If warden is found to be at fault, an action will definitely be taken against her,” he said as reported in India Today.

“Yesterday a delegation of boarders has lodged a complaint. They have alleged they were stripped by the warden and her assistant. I have formed a three-member inquiry committee and it will submit its report within three days. We will take action on the basis of the inquiry committee report,” V-C, R P Tiwari, told Outlook.

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Such an outrageous incident has received severe backlash from the student and the teachers’ community. The accused face severe punishment if the allegations turn out to be true.

There hasn’t been any comment from the hostel warden.

Reacting to the incident, Priyanka Rao, a DU student, said,” I really hope the accused is punished heavily. One should not be allowed to use their authority in such a way. This is a clear abuse of power. While I agree that no one should leave used pads in the open as it is unhygienic, better ways could have been used to find out the culprit. “

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