Man Chops His Mother Into Pieces, Stores Her In Containers

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Man Chops his mother intro pieces: An unusual case was reported from Spain where a 28-year-old man is facing trial for chopping his mother’s body into 1000 pieces after killing her.

The accused named Alberto Sanchez Gomez got arrested in 2019 when the police came knocking at his door after a missing person’s report was filed of her mother by her friends. When the authorities asked him he knows anything about the whereabouts of his mother, Gomez said,” Yes, my mother is in here – dead.” He added that he and his pet dog had been eating her “bit by bit.”

The court had asked for a psychiatric assessment of the accused and the results of it are yet to come. If proven guilty for the crime, Alberto Sanchez Gomez can get up to 15 years imprisonment. His mother, Maria Soledad Gomez was 68-years-old when she was allegedly murdered by her son.

Man chops his mother into pieces after a heated argument

According to the police, the accused in February 2019 got into a heated argument with his mother during which he allegedly strangled her. He then took her body to the bedroom and chopped her body parts. The police said,
The murder was discovered when police officers were responding to a missing person’s report about the woman, filed by a friend. When the officers reached Mr Alberto’s home on February 21, 2019, he said, “To do that he cut her up using a carpenter’s saw and two kitchen knives.”

During investigations, the police officers found Maria Gomez’s body parts stuffed in Tupperware containers and stocked in the fridge, her bones were found in the drawer. According to the report filed by the police, the accused eat up the remaining parts of his mother’s body over a fortnight.

The report stated, “Once he had cut her body up, he would eat bits of it from time to time over a period of around a fortnight, putting some of the parts of her body in containers around the apartment and in the fridge and throwing others away in plastic bags.”

During the trial, Alberto Gomez told the court that he did kill his mother after he started to hear voices in his head. He said that while watching TV, he heard voices of his neighbours, celebrities and acquaintances who told him to kill his mother. He added that he doesn’t remember if he attacked his mother or eat her body parts.

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