"Internet has disrupted the hierarchy of newsroom."- Dayashankar Mishra

Charvi Kathuria
Sep 22, 2017 16:00 IST

The Journalism Department of Lady Shri Ram College of Delhi University is organising its departmental fest Juxtapose 2017 with SheThePeople.TV as its media partner.A panel discussion on the theme, "Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide" took place on Thursday.


In attendance were media dignitaries like Neha Dixit,  Ashok Malik, Dayashankar Mishra, Garvita Khybri, who moderated the panel.

Importance of Feedback in Journalism


Neha Dixit who is an independent Journalist emphasised on the importance of feedback in journalism. She mentioned that journalists receive a lot of feedback due to increase in use of the social media.



She also gave an insight into independent journalism saying that independent journalists don't generally follow trends as they have the liberty to do the stories that they want in terms of social change.

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Internet - Changing the Newsroom


Talking about the monumental role of the internet in changing the newsroom, Ashok Malik the - Press Secretary To The President said that the advent of the Internet has completely changed the newsroom. "It has disrupted the hierarchy of newsroom", he says.

He also remarked that with the internet, everyone these days has become a potential newsmaker.

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"Twitter was overwhelming and scary initially" - Ashok Malik

Lack of Authentic News

Dayashankar Mishra - Digital Editor Zee Media - explained why internet must not be confused with digital media. "Social media and digital media are completely different.', he says adding that social media is not journalism but just a tool.


He also talked how fake news dampens the spirit of journalism. "Credibility in the news is most important.", he said referring to the viral content dominating the media space today.

"There is a lot of stereotyping of what women want to read in journalism as journalists take selective reactions from people" - Dayashankar Mishra



Neha Dixit explained how there is an onslaught of opinion journalism.

"A lot of millennials are consuming information on the net but it is time to start distinguishing between content and journalism."

Dearth of Diversity in Newsrooms

Pointing out at the lack of diversity in newsrooms, Dayashankar Mishra said that there are the same kind of people in every newsrooms, which is not good for journalism. "It is the same people discussing the same things", he averred.

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