After a student from LSR reported about a semen-flinging incident on Instagram, which created an outrage among students living in the South Delhi area, another student from the same college has alleged a similar balloon was burst on her on Wednesday. Agitated students marched to the Amar Colony Police station to file an FIR but the police have not lodged a complaint yet.

“My friend and I were walking back to my apartment near the Old-Double Storey, when a balloon hit my head. It seemed like it was filled with semen because it felt sticky. We ran up to check who was throwing balloons and the owners were the only ones staying there. I have given my statement to police,” said the student, the Indian Express reported.

DCP (southeast) Chinmoy Biswal said that the police is probing the matter but it hasn’t registered a complaint yet.

Is it that difficult to catch a group of boys who throw balloons at girls filled with their semen right outside the college?

For the uninitiated, semen-flinging is a new form of harassment where men fill balloons with their semen and burst them on women in market areas to celebrate the festival of Holi. It is disgusting how low men can stoop to celebrate a festival that is exactly the opposite of such criminal activities.

The girl who had first revealed her story on social media felt jarred by the whole incident. She had told SheThePeople.TV that this incident has created a sense of fear in her however it hasn’t deterred her spirit to go out in public spaces.

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“I feel that this is the most disgusting thing that I’ve ever seen happening. It’s so sad to see a festival turn into such a dark time for some of us. And most importantly I don’t even understand how some men could stoop so low. It’s just beyond me how some people can go to such extremes and do something so utterly disgusting,” said another girl from LSR, Garima Bablani.

Nitika who studies journalism at LSR expresses sadness at the Police’s inability to take action.

“Is it that difficult to catch a group of boys who throw balloons at girls filled with their semen right outside the college? How much would it take to have CCTV cameras at the entrances of the college. There have been so many incidents of molestation and harassment and still the authorities and not looking,” she said.

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