List of the Most Inspiring TEDx Talks by Ishita Katyal

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Jan 29, 2018 07:06 IST
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TED Talks and the branch TEDX have emerged as a popular method of communication. What has drawn people especially youngsters to them is sheer amount of information to be gained, almost for free. TEDx events typically focuses on a local community that concentrates on local voices. They are privately arranged events following TED’s mantra of "ideas worth spreading."

Today we have a  List of the most inspiring TEDx Talks curated by 12-year-old Ishita Katyal. Ishita was all of 10 when she become the youngest Indian to speak at the TED Youth Conference in New York. The Pune girl delivered a 4-minute speech on 'What do you want to be now'.

How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk by Will Stephen

I love this talk sooo much because how Will Stephen keeps us interested and waiting for more even though he doesn’t have any major content is really commendable. His witty talk is something to look out for according to me.

Being happy and living at the moment by Aisha Chaudhari

Aisha Chaudhary has always been an inspiration for me. She embraces what she has and that is so fabulous. This talk is something super special and is a great lesson for everyone to live their life happily now. Aisha, you are truly truly missed.

Every kid needs a champion by Rita Pierson


This is an amazing talk because Rita Pierson talks about an unconventional way of looking at education and children as well. I completely agree with her views and this talk is an eye-opener for everyone especially students and educators.

I'm 17 | Kate Simonds

This talk is really relatable for me. Because she is a 17 year old, doesn’t mean this or doesn’t mean that; she has an idea and she wants to share it and that is why she is on the stage giving a TEDx talk.

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(Ishita is one of the youngest Authors in India and was also featured in the Child Magazine as one amongst the 8 Child Prodigies in India. Ishita is the youngest Indian who has spoken at the prestigious TED Conference.)

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