Gujarat Woman Fights Leopard To Rescue Son


One should never underestimate the power of a woman. The story of this gutsy woman who fought with a leopard to rescue her six-year-son from the claws of death will make you believe so. The incident took place in Valod village of Tapi district in Surat in the early hours of Thursday (Sept 28).

The incident

Rehan Shaikh was in deep slumber when the leopard entered his hut and tried to drag him out. It bit the child on the head and started dragging him out. The child started yelling in pain. His cries woke his mother up. She was clueless about how and when the leopard entered their hut.

How the mother rescued the son

In a bid to save his son, the woman started attacking the leopard with a plastic bobbin. The leopard got scared, released the child from its grip and fled.

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The boy has sustained injuries on the head and a fracture in the hand. A bunch of hair and skin had come off his head where the leopard held him by its jaws.


He was given first-aid at a local clinic following which he was taken to the New Civil Hospital of Surat. The doctors there operated upon him. He has been placed under observation.

“We will install a cage at Valod where the leopard had attacked the child. The child suffered serious injuries and is hospitalized. The child’s house is located at a place close to the river. The leopard might have crossed the river and trespassed into the human habitat,” range forest officer, Mahuva, B B Parmar said.

The woman’s tenacity deserves a lot of appreciation. She risked her own life to save her son, thus sealing all mouths that doubt a woman’s strength.

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