Lack of Teachers Force Rewari School Girls to Protest Again

REWARI girls

Girl students of the Gothda Tappa Dahina School in Rewari’s Gothra village  have geared up for another mission. This time they are urging the government to post sufficient number of teachers at the school. It was only in May that a hunger strike by the girls, compelled the Haryana government to upgrade their school to senior-secondary level.

Reiterating the fact that mere upgrading of school isn’t the panacea to their problems, a student on strike told NDTV, “The school has been upgraded, but there is an acute shortage of teachers. We want that an adequate number of teachers should be posted.” A bevy of girls was seen sitting outside the locked school, protesting against the paucity of teachers.

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Suresh Chauhan, the Sarpanch of the village, told Indian Express, “Yesterday [Sunday] evening, some parents came to me and said that they were worried about the education of their daughters since there are not enough teachers at the school. I had met the Deputy Commissioner only 10 days ago, and he had assured me that the problem would be resolved in a couple of weeks. I communicated the same to them, but they decided to take matters into their own hands and started planning a demonstration for this morning.”

On learning about the demonstration staged by the girls, the police arrived at the school complex to placate them.

Rewari’s District Education Officer, Dharmbir, offered a ray of hope by assuring intervention in the issue.

Earlier in May, the girls had clamoured to upgrade the school to senior secondary level as they feared harassment by goons on motorcycles, if they were made to travel to far off places to pursue their education.

The government acquiesced to their demands after the condition of some of the girls, who were on hunger strike, exacerbated due to which they had to be hospitalised.

The girls showed great tenacity. They understand the power of coalescence that can help them garner the right attention.

SheThePeople.TV salutes these girls for their audacious attitude that helps them get their demands fulfilled.

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