Know How Self-Talk Can Help Declutter Your Mind

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You must have watched several movies in which the protagonists stand in front of a mirror and chat with themselves. And the interesting part is that by performing this powerful activity, they are actually able to find the panacea to a majority of their problems.

So, what exactly is self-talk and how does it help?

“Self-talk is all about focusing on your thoughts and energy to create or visualize that, which you would want in your life,” says Kusha Kalra, life-coach and the founder of Happy Lives.

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She feels that practising self-talk has become an excellent tool that can be used to remove various inhibitions, fears and also building new beliefs, practices and values within us.

Talking with self should be practised as often as the person finds himself or herself in conflict – Mahalaxmi Rajagopal

She adds that there are a myriad benefits of this activity. “Using the method of self-talk, you can gain confidence on various things. For eg: confident speaker at work in front of an audience, confident communicator, confident problem-solver, confident achiever, confident in overcoming challenges and many more. “

“Self-talk works great for building mindfulness and motivating oneself,” says Mahalaxmi Rajagopal, a mental health professional based in Dwarka.

She also adds that talking with self should be practised as often as the person finds himself or herself in conflict.

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A lot of people do self-talk to jettison their old patterns of thinking and fill their lives with invigorating thoughts. This practice, according to Kusha Kalra, is called “The Art Of Letting Go” that lays emphasis on positive affirmations to bring peace of mind and happiness to the soul.

We are living in a world that’s constantly communicating, leaving everyone gasping for breath. We love to interact — virtually or in person but interaction with oneself in the form of introspection or self-talk is what we need to make sense of our chaotic lives and find our centre

So, do not feel strange the next time you find someone addressing themselves by their names. They are just “self-talking” and you must do it too. Who knows you might start liking your own company and end up being your best friend? Think about it!

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