105-Year-Old Kerala Woman Becomes The Oldest Person In State To Beat COVID-19

Asma Beevi kerala

Asma Beevi, 105, has become the oldest person in the state of Kerala to beat coronavirus, the Health Department has said. Beevi was admitted to the Government Medical College in Kollam district, Kerala on July 20. She tested positive with symptoms of fever and cough. She recovered from coronavirus in just nine days after she was infected, and was discharged on Wednesday.

Originally hailing from Thazhamel in Anchal, Beevi contracted the virus through one of her grandsons, who works as a fish vendor at a local market. Then the family of eight, including a five-month-old boy and Beevi, were tested and declared positive. According to The News Minute report, Beevi had shown “enormous strength” during the treatment which was being monitored by a medical board. Her case is rare and inspiring due to the high mortality rate among the elderly population in COVID-19.

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“Anchal-native Asma Beevi, 105, was discharged after recovering from COVID-19. She is the oldest in the state to be treated of the virus,” the department said in a release.

Beevi was also undergoing treatment of age-related ailments. She can’t see properly and is suffering from knee pain but is overall healthy. “Ten days since she tested positive, the woman was discharged on Wednesday after she tested negative. She is now in home quarantine for seven days,” Dr Habib Naseem, superintendent, Kollam Medical College said, NDTV reported.

What You Should Know

  • A 105-year-old woman has recovered from COVID-19 in Kerala, becoming the oldest person in the state to do so.
  • Asma Beevi, a native of Kollam district, was undergoing treatment at a medical college hospital in the district.
  • She recovered for COVID-19 in just nine days.

“A pillar of strength, she followed all our directives in letter and spirit. Within one week she tested negative. We did another test on Wednesday before discharging her. People who resort to extreme steps after testing positive will have to learn a lot from her,” said the superintendent, Hindustan Times reported.

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‘The great-grandmother is a role model’

Talking about his grandmother’s fast recovery, her grandson said, “She has heard about coronavirus, but is not aware of the seriousness of the disease. Even when she was being shifted to the hospital after testing positive, Beevi made sure with her granddaughters that she looked beautiful,” The New Indian Express reported.

“She has always been full of life and we were sure that she would overcome the disease.”

Earlier, a Kerala couple aged 93 and 88 had been in the news for recovering in the state. State Health Minister KK Shailaja also praised Beevi for showing extraordinary strength.

Now, Beevi is believed to be the third oldest person to recover from COVID-19 after a 107-year-old Dutch woman and a 106-year-old Delhi man.

Feature Image Credit: The News Minute

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