Shoma Chaudhury, Editor-in-Chief of Catch News has reportedly been asked to leave her job. The Rajasthan Patrika led digital platform will no longer have Chaudhury as its head. An email by Chaudhury to her colleagues spelt out her disappointment as well as what she called the ‘abruptness’ of the decision.

“I’m writing to tell you with great regret, it seems I will no longer be able to lead the team or share that journey with you,” she wrote to her colleagues. “In a completely unexpected development, on 27 February, I was called to Jaipur by the director of finance and told that, since Catch has now been successfully created and stabilized, Patrika no longer wants to keep me on as its editor-in-chief. I was asked to stop coming to work from Monday, 29 February.”

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Shoma called the act by the owners an “arbitrary behaviour.” She said she was left stunned by this step.

Shoma Chaudhury
Shoma Chaudhury

Catch News was setup around seven months ago with Chaudhury at the helm. “The adrenalin of creating Catch was to push the boundaries; find ways to marry old values of journalism with new modes of story-telling; break the usual silos. There are so many ideas still waiting to be set into motion; stands to be taken; stories to be done,” wrote Shoma in a letter to her staff members.

Before Catch, Shoma was working with Tehelka which she had quit after its Founder, Tarun Tejpal, was accused of sexual harassment by a young team member. Chaudhury was under fire in 2013 for her perceived mishandling of a sexual harassment complaint filed by an employee against editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal.

Picture Credit- The Hindu Business line