JNU To Reopen For Fourth Year PhD Students On January 15, MSc And MCA Students Can Enter After February 1

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The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has allowed entry of fourth-year PhD students to enter the campus from Friday and the MSc and MCA students can enter the campus from February 1, the officials said.

A circular was issued by JNU registrar Pramod Kumar, which read, ” PhD students (fourth year only) from all science schools, special centres, other centres (both day scholars and hostlers) who requires access to the laboratory are allowed to enter into the campus from Friday”

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He added that fourth-semester students in MSc and MCA students from science schools and special centres in JNU can enter the campus in the sixth phase of reopening starting from February 1.

Earlier the University had allowed persons with disabilities enrolled in PhD Sciences and science students of other courses to enter the campus from December 21. The university which had shut down in March 2020 in the wake the COVID-19 pandemic started gradually reopening in November 2020.

The fifth and sixth phases reopening also involves reopening of the sports complex and canteen of Aravali Guest House. Although the sports complex and only be accessed for walking and running purposes. All of this has been done by keeping in mind the preventive measures directed by the government. The varsity has decided to conduct testing camps inside the campus yo prevent new infections of the new UK strain of COVID-19.

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