Missing Japanese Adult Film Star Rina Arano Found Dead In Remote Forest

Rina Arano death reason, Rina Arano Death
A missing Japanese adult film star was found dead in a remote forest. The adult film star Rina Arano was reported missing on June 8 by her family and was found deceased on June 14.

The 23-year-old Rina Arano was last seen alive on June 5 with a man, three days before her family reported her missing. CCTV footage captured her outside a train station in Ibaraki Prefecture getting into a car with the 33-year-old Hiroyuki Sampei.

Arano’s family reported her missing after three days of not hearing from her and their calls going unanswered. On June 8, the police began their search and on June 14, they found her naked body tied to a tree in a remote forest.

The police released a description of her, after which fans were able to identify Arano due to her distinctive mole and teeth. A police statement revealed “Rina Arano was tied to a tree without clothes and has been dead for almost two weeks. We are still trying to determine the cause of death. The man she was with was already questioned.”

Arano was found a mile away from a villa owned by Hiroyuki Sampei, the man she was seen with outside of the train station. Sampei was arrested on June 14 on suspicion of kidnapping and illegally detaining Arano at his villa. He denied the allegations and claimed that he had taken Arana to the villa and later dropped her off at a store nearby.

Sampei and Arano had exchanged private messages on Twitter before meeting at the train station. After picking Arano up at the station, he drove them to the villa. Sampei told the police that he is unsure where Arano went after she left his home, and her cell phone was found inside his home. Sampei’s cell phone was also seized as evidence.

On June 21, the post-mortem examination results were released and revealed that Arano had suffered a broken hyoid bone, a bone in the neck. No other injuries were sustained and her cause of death remains inconclusive. The police claim that there is a possibility that she was strangled.

Arano’s death highlighted the nature of crimes done against women and how after days, no promising update has been found in her case. The way the adult film star was found in the woods in the compromising state one can only imagine what horrors she must have went through till she breathed her last in the middle of nowhere, away from her loved ones. It also raises question on the security of women on social media applications. Since Arano spoke to her clients on Twitter and other social media apps, it is surprising that the mystery of her murder is under wraps.

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