COVID-19: India Extends Lockdown Again, Now Until 17th May

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The COVID-19 lockdown in India, put into effect to control the spread of the pandemic, has been extended by two more weeks, starting 4 May. This is the second time the lockdown has been extended, which was originally put into effect from midnight on 25 March.

The Home Ministry of India has issued guidelines for the implementation of the lockdown for the coming two weeks, with the districts across the country being divided into red, orange and green zones, with red being the hotspot, to profile risk.

The districts falling in green and orange zone will be able to avail considerable relaxation, however, many activities will remain prohibited nationwide.

Places of large gathering such malls, cinema halls, educational institutes, gyms, restaurants, etc will remain shut. Interstate movement, and travel, either by air or by road will remain prohibited. So will be any kind of political, social and cultural gathering.

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So far there have been more than 35,ooo confirmed cases of coronavirus in India. More than a thousand people have lost their lives to this deadly disease in the country. Globally, there have been over 234,000 fatalities from coronavirus while the number of cases has soared over 3.2 million.

“This was expected,” says Yamini a mom to one and someone who works from home. “Seeing that the number of cases has soared past 35,000 in the country we are not in the state to open the lockdown altogether. However relief in certain activities in districts falling under the green zone is a welcome move, especially economically.”