How To Party Smart This Season

Party Smart this December

December is usually the season of indulgence — Weddings, parties, Christmas, and New Year’s of course! So let’s take it as a given that we have been over-indulging, and will probably do so through the weekend. But how to ensure that we start the new year on the right note? Minus the hangovers from hell? Some basic tips on how to party smart this season:

Hydrate (With Water)

The main anthem for any healthy living: staying hydrated is a must. While you chug down your beer, make sure you also sip on a glass of water that will help you flush out the alcohol out of your system (I know, I know you’re wondering why on Earth would anyone want that, but trust me the next day is going to look so much better for you). No throbbing hangover headaches that need ‘n’ amount of Disprin.

Eat Well

I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, but just to re-iterate the importance, eat well before you start drinking! Chugging on an empty stomach is a silly idea and hence should be avoided at all costs. Healthy fats like chicken and salmon are great options for food, it will help absorb the alcohol coursing through your bloodstream.

Up the Healthy Foods and Antioxidants

Intake of alcohol and fried food is essentially an intake of unhealthy food into your body, if not outright toxins, so see how you can balance out the damage you’re doing — a few days before, a day after, whatever works. Sip on green tea, instead of coffee, eat your green vegetables, focus on wholegrains rather than processed foods, and remember to hydrate with the right kinds of liquids — the key is to flush out the toxins from your body.

Choose Your Alcohol Well

It’s not just about what you tolerate well, or have developed a taste for. Every type of alcohol has its calorie count and knowing this will only help your cause if you want to have fun and still manage to not overdo the calories. The sweetened soft drinks that one consumes actually adds many more unhealthy calories to your drink.

25 ml of gin contains 59 kcal; 25 ml of rum contains 58 kcal, while 25 ml of whisky contains 64 kcal

Avoid Over-Eating

We know we said you should eat while you’re drinking — to protect your stomach lining, not to mention prevent that hideous hangover the next day — but we didn’t say over-eat. Especially not the most common companions to alcohol —  fried foods. They do nothing for you. Cut down on your portions, and be aware of what you are consuming so you don’t feel bloated the next day.

Sleep it Off

The idea of non-stop partying may sound very inviting, but your body needs rest. Squeeze in a good 7-8 hours of sleep to keep your body functioning well. This may sound senile — especially for those of you in your 20’s — but taking a nap before you know you have a long night of partying is also a great idea. After all, you need yourself back on your feet the next day, right?

Don’t Drink and Drive

This one is self-evident but really the best, potentially life-saving thing you can do for your health is to just not drink and drive. Find a designated driver, or dial a chauffuer on call, or just take a cab. It’s worth the effort.

Here’s hoping we all party smart this New Year!

Feature Image Courtesy: Earn Spend Live