Home Chef Rohini Makkad Gives A Healthy Spin To Baked Goodies

Rohini Makkad, founder of Gezond

Mumbai-based Rohini Makkad loves to bake healthy. Sounds impossible? Well, that’s exactly what this Punjabi strives to do. Rohini has founded Gezond (a Dutch term that means ‘healthy’) along with her mother Suman Kalra. The mom-daughter duo started the pilot project just five months ago.

So how did she get the idea of building a healthy bakery? And, why become a home chef when she could have taken up a full-fledged job?

“I actually never wanted to be away from home. The idea, always, was to start something that lets me manage my responsibilities back home without compromising my passion towards my job. Gezond lets me do that,” the bakery owner expressed. She added that her kitchen became the gateway to her dreams. She followed her dream, went for the passion and made the world drool over it!

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Rohini Makkad, founder of Gezond

Gezond treats

How cooking happened

“Baking has always been my passion, but I have to admit – it might just be in my blood because my partner in crime, my mom, is phenomenal at baking and cooking in general. Needless to say, I think she is the best cook in the world and my one true inspiration in life,” explains Rohini.

Family and friends have always been very fond of my baking, and they kept nudging me to make this into a career. But I always used to think of this as a hobby

It took a while, but a few months back something clicked and Rohini thought – why not take this to next level? “I called Mom, spoke to rest of my family, put things together and just like that Gezond came to life.”

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Support from family

Her family was more confident about this than she was, Rohini reveals. “Even my two kids have been extremely supportive of me and my mom. I mean the level of excitement I see in my family when they see a busy kitchen, and when they enter a house and take a whiff of fresh cakes baking in the oven, it’s unbeatable and heartwarming.”

Rohini Makkad, founder of Gezond

Future expansion plans

“Well I’d say sky is the limit, but as of now we’re going with the flow. The kitchen is busy, the ovens are full and the clients are happy. God has been kind. Been only over 5 months now and we absolutely did not expect such great response in such a short time. Surreal.”

Women are so much more than just homemakers (which they proudly moonlight as even now). We’re strong, driven, badass, and pretty much slaying in every field

Being Home Chef Is: Uniqueness

I’m not going to lie, but I’ve always kind of, been very choosy and particular about everything I do in life – be it for myself or my family. I believe in being unique, and standing out in whatever I do in the smallest way I can. Individuality is key, said the home chef.

Why Healthy Baking?

When mom and I decided to enter into the baking business, baking run of the mill cakes was the last thing on our mind. I was very clear that I wanted to introduce delicious, healthy, wholesome and power packed bakes and confectionaries for people wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle. I also wanted to bust the myth of healthy does not go with tasty and that’s exactly what we’re doing now.

Rohini Makkad, founder of Gezond

Rohini’s healthy baking

USP: Healthy, specializes in curated healthy bakes and caters primarily to people wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle. Gluten-free, vegan, keto, free of artificial colours, flavours, refined sugar and products that power packed with goodness

The ingredients are top class, fresh and nutritious.We also customize cakes for people who are diabetic, lactose intolerant, gluten allergic or suffering from any other health issue.

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Well, I never had to struggle a lot to keeping climbing up except a few teething issues, which are expected in any new venture one starts.

Though being in Mumbai there is no dearth of health-conscious people looking for products that Gezond offers, but there is a substantially large chunk of people in the city who aren’t still aware of a concept like ours. The challenge is to educate them for their own healths’ sake. To let them know that, they don’t always have to cheat on their diet or curb their craving just because they feel like eating a dessert.

Rohini Makkad, founder of Gezond

Another challenge I face is customization. We bake for a lot of clients that are living with severe health issues and allergies, and they request me to customize cakes as per their dietary requirements this becomes a bit of challenge, but when you see their happy, smiling faces when they enjoy what we’ve baked from them.

The happiest feeling a baker can ever have! What is my job? My job is to spread happiness!

Cooking as a Liberated Profession for Women

If you look at our rural areas, cooking has already been liberating women since ages now – there are so many cottage industries run by talented women workers – like papads, pickles, etc. Women are getting out there and achieving everything they deserve. So many humble bakeries are popping up everywhere and women are running them beautifully.

Rohini Makkad, founder of Gezond

Make A sweet Wish

Scope for Young Girls

Well if they’re passionate about baking or even starting something of their own – they must do it. In the beginning, they can always join a boutique patisseries to learn the tricks of the trade.

A chef’s day like

Juggling between getting the orders ready, packaging them, labeling them, getting the bills ready and scheduling the deliveries. All this while answering the phone that just keeps ringing off the hook – noting down orders for the following day. If this wasn’t enough – now we have social media. Queries keeping flooding in on Instagram and Facebook all the time. Also keeping up with the latest advancement on your engagement.

Rohini Makkad, founder of Gezond

About Indians Trying Out New Cuisines

In the contemporary times most people are health conscious, especially in the metros, there is a lot of self awareness. Indians travel a lot and their palettes have broadened. Hence, our style of cooking with fresh, healthy ingredients was very well received, and was welcomed with arms wide open. It almost felt like people were just waiting for something like Gezond to open so they could satisfy their cravings without worrying about the guilt of bad sugar intake.

“I don’t think there is any difference left between a man and a woman. Women can excel in any profession they take up. Sincerity, passion, and dedication is all that counts – not gender.”


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