Protests Continue In Several Cities Over Hathras Gangrape

Deaf And Mute Girl Raped

Hathras gangrape has once again shaken India to its core. Protests are taking place in various cities across the country. People are angry and are protesting against the administration’s inability to curb continued cases of caste-based discrimination and gender-based violence. Here is a look at how angry the people of India are: 

Congress workers held protests in Ahmedabad and Mumbai against the Hathras incident. Reportedly Congress held ‘satyagraha’ in the district headquarters of states across the country to demand justice for the deceased girl’s family. 

Earlier on Sunday, Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad met the kin of the alleged 19-year-old gangrape girl and demanded Y-category security for them reported NDTV.

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Azad is an Indian lawyer turned activist who is also the co-founder and president of the Bhim Army. Reportedly, he was stopped twice by police while he was on his way to meet the girl’s family.

When he met the family he demanded the Y-Plus category for them and said, “When Kangana Ranaut can be given Y-plus security, meetings are being held to back the accused… I demand that the government arranges Y-Plus category security for the victim’s family. We have all seen that the CBI follows the government’s orders,” NDTV reported. 

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Protest in Bengal

On October 3, the Chief Minister of West Bengal  Mamata Banerjee held a protest march too. She said that she will stand by the community until the end. She further added, “The BJP is torturing those who belong to the Scheduled Caste (SC) community. We are always with the Dalits. Today, I am physically here, but my mind is in Hathras” reported The Indian Express.

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Priyanka Gandhi on the case

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Rahul Gandhi were permitted to go to Hathras to meet the family members of the deceased girl on September 14. Reportedly, Vadra faced lathi charge at the toll plaza along the Delhi-Noida direct flyover. You can read more from here.

On Sunday, some people held a meeting outside the house of a former BJP ( Bharatiya Janata Party) MLA in Hathras where they defended the accused in the gangrape of the Dalit girl reported the Hindustan Times. They demanded registration of an FIR against the girl’s family members.

On October 3, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath had recommended a CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) probe into the Hathras case. 

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Sagrika Giri is an intern with SheThePeople.TV.