Hachette Employees Walk Out in Protest Over Woody Allen’s Memoir

Woody Allen memoir

Two days after one of its star writers, Ronan Farrow severed links with Hachette Book Group over their choice to publish his estranged father Woody Allen’s memoir, employees at Little, Brown and Company reportedly marched out in objection.

Hachette CEO’s unsuccessful town hall meeting

Deadline reported that the protest occurred after Hachette CEO Michael Pietsch tried to hold a town hall to tell Grand Central’s resolution to publish the memoir, but could not get the aid of the senior staff. Page Six added that the team also went to human resources to oppose.

In an e-mail receipt, Pietsch told Vanity Fair that they respect and understand the view of their employees. The employees have decided to show their concern over the announcement of this title. “We will engage our staff in a fuller discussion about this at the earliest opportunity”, Pietsch added.

Grand Central Publishing, also part of Hachette, stated that it would release Allen’s memoir Apropos of Nothing on April 7.

When the news came in, Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Woody Allen, who had accused him of molesting her when she was a child, called Hachette’s decision profoundly upsetting to her personally and an absolute betrayal of her brother, whose fearless reporting, profited on by Hachette, gave voice to many survivors of sexual assault by influential men.

More than 75 employees of Hachette are standing in solidarity with Ronan Farrow, Dylan Farrow and survivors of sexual abuse.

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More than 75 employees walkout

More than 75 employees of Hachette are standing in solidarity with Ronan Farrow, Dylan Farrow and survivors of sexual abuse. They walked out of the Hachette offices today in objection of Woody Allen’s autobiography. The boycott reportedly reached to employees in Boston as well.

Allen has vehemently dismissed Dylan’s allegations. He was not criminally charged after a police inquiry.

Ronan Farrow’s reaction

Ronan Farrow, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for his journalism on Harvey Weinstein, published his book Catch and Kill in 2019.

In an announcement on Tuesday, he wrote that he was disappointed to learn through press releases that Hachette, his publisher, procured Woody Allen’s memoir. This happened after other major publishers rejected to do so. And covered the decision from its employees and him while they were toiling on Catch and Kill—a novel about how powerful men, including Woody Allen, evade responsibility for sexual abuse.

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