A 17 year-old boy from Gurugram’s sector 53 area reportedly committed suicide late on Monday after being accused by a girl of sexual assault on social media. The boy reportedly jumped off from the apartment building of his family home on the 11th floor. The teenager is said to have taken this step hours after a girl accused him of molestation through an Instagram post. In her post, she claimed that the boy “attacked her two years ago” and that she was “tired of keeping this a secret”, as per an HT report.  The boy’s brother has shared the below instagram post with details and the article has been updated to reflect the same.

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MANAV WAS NOT A RAPIST. HE DIDN'T DESERVE TO DIE. #justiceformanav #stopdefaming #defamation #slander #falseaccusations #threat #childrights #childabuseawareness #childabuse #deaththreat

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No suicide note found

“No suicide note was found but messages retrieved from the boy’s phone showed that fellow students warned him that the police would question him,” an officer told the Hindustan Times.

As per the report, Deepak Kumar, the Station House Officer of Sector 53 police station said the guards heard a thud sound and rushed to the spot. They found the boy severely injured in a pool of blood. The guards informed the family at around 11:30 pm. The boy was rushed to the hospital where the doctors declared him dead.

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No police complaint by the parents

The parents have allegedly refused to file any police complaint. The police has therefore started a suicide inquiry under Section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Deepak Mathur, the forensic expert who conducted the autopsy said, “There were multiple injuries, including head injury, which caused the death”.

The Gurugram case has nothing to do with the Boys Locker Room case. However both were independently connected with social media conversations.

Other Social Media Linked Cases in Delhi NCR 

In the last few days a case around the Boys Locker Room or Bois Locker Room on instagram has taken the teenage and parenting community by shock. Young boys discuss women’s body parts and share inappropriate pictures, some even talk of raping them in these private chat rooms on social media. This story went viral and has put the spotlight on all – from parents, to students, to schools on what drives these teenagers to engage in such talk. And if the community at large is failing in recognising signs of such behaviour and not focussing on therapy for the same. In the light of this, the above incident is an important one.

The Boys Locker Room Case Update

Delhi Police Cyber Crime Cell (CCC) questioned five students, between classes X and XII of prominent South Delhi schools, for around six hours in front of their parents over Monday and Tuesday to get to the bottom of the Bois Locker Room investigation. They have also issued notices to 21 other members of the group, asking them to join the probe in the coming days.

Mirrors Society?

Are the current cases of teenage behaviour a reflection of our own society? Are we today facing a big gap of communication and understanding between teachers, parents and children? How often do our family whatsapp groups carry jokes that are patriarchal and demeaning towards women? Both the Bois Locker Room and the Gurugram suicide, though independent cases, should make us all sit up and ask questions on how we raise our boys.

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