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Gurgaon Hospital Overbilled Family of Deceased Girl by 700 percent

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The parents of 7-year-old Adya Singh not only had to deal with her demise but also with the fact that the hospital she was treated to overcharged the family by 700 percent. A Haryana minister has now said that after a government investigation, it has found that the Gurgaon Fortis hospital has consistently overcharged leading to egregious negligence.

The report against the hospital showed that it made 108 percent profit on medicines given to the girl.

The Reports shows negligence:

The report against the hospital showed that it made 108 percent profit on medicines given to the girl. Also, they deliberately used expensive medicines. It also overused things like gloves, syringes etc. It violated ruled and used hospital provided a basic life support ambulance – which lacked oxygen and other facilities – for the parents to take away Adya, instead of an advanced one. The girl unfortunately soon passed away from dengue.

It will now have to face a police case and the prospect of losing its land lease. The government found that it handed a bill of Rs 15.5 lakh to the parents after the child passed away. Her father also said that Fortis offered him money so that he would stop pursuing the case and end his social media campaign.

Hospital bribes the family of the victim:

“Senior members of Fortis met me near my office and said we will refund what you paid in cheque and we will give you Rs 25 lakh over that,” Jayant Singh said.

The hospital, however, has denied the allegations. “We categorically deny assertions or allegations of any bribe being paid to Jayant Singh, father of late Adya Singh, who was treated for dengue shock syndrome at the Fortis Memorial Research Institute,” it claimed in a statement.

This isn’t the first time hospitals have dealt with little children in a negligent manner.

Earlier this year 64 children died due to lack of oxygen at a hospital in Gorakhpur. Their deaths were caused because of an oxygen bill dispute. The deaths provoked widespread outrage. “30 kids died in hospital without oxygen. This is not a tragedy. It’s a massacre,” Indian Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi, a child advocate, had tweeted. 

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