Editors Guild Urges Centre To Provide Vaccines For Journalists On Priority

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The Editors of Guild of India has urged the centre to allow priority vaccines for journalists as they are working relentlessly during the Pandemic.

According to data released by the Press Emblem Campaign (PEC), India has lost at least 63 journalists during the pandemic. The Editors Guild of India (EGI) have urged the Union government to declare journalists as essential workers and be eligible for the vaccine on a priority basis.

In the statement, the guild said that the news reporters and journalists have been relentlessly working through the pandemic. They have been covering all the essential news right from the COVID-19 cases, vaccines, board exams to the latest election details. They claimed that the journalists have been ensuring that the flow of the information and current affairs to the reader is unabated.

The statement released by EGI read, “News media is included in essential services. Therefore, it will only be fair that journalists be given this cover of protection, especially in the face of the number of infected rising to astronomical levels.”

Further, they said that the news reporters and journalists are at the risk of contracting the various while at being work through the pandemic and hence need the protection of the vaccine. Therefore, the Editors of Guide urged the Union government to declare journalists as frontline workers and provide priority vaccination. Further, EGI added that all journalists, regardless of age, must get vaccinated so that there is no disruption in their work during this critical time.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal urged the government earlier this week, “Journalists are reporting from most adverse situations. They should be treated as frontline workers and should be allowed vaccination on priority. Delhi govt is writing to centre in this regard.”

India has recorded the highest ever single-day cases of 2,00,739 COVID-19 infections. This has pushed the overall tally to 1,40,74,564, according to official data released on Thursday.

Picture Credit: Business Standard