Ease the pain: 7 Superfoods for Your Menstrual Health

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Its really hard to explain how we women feel when we are menstruating. Its really a gruelling time, as all those memes suggest. However, life goes on and we have to learn to do everything even while we are menstruating. So, to ease the pain, here are a few superfoods you can include in your diet - especially before and while you are menstruating to save you the trouble of PMS, mood swings, cramps and all the other wonderfully atrocious symptoms.



It goes without saying actually - your gut health is really important when it comes to menstruating. Having curd, lassi, or buttermilk can really help with diarrhoea, constipation and more. It also has calcium that helps reduce period pains.

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Rich in potassium and magnesium, honey will help relieve mood swings. It also helps with balancing out your thyroid hormones and is generally good for your entire body. So cut the sugar, and go get some honey!


Want a cramp-less period? Try pineapples. Make them a regular part of your diet and you’ll see that your period is way less painful than it used to be. Pineapples have natural muscle relaxing enzymes and is also super tasty (as we all know!)


The most underrated of all superfoods. Water is the answer to all illnesses. We drink way too little water on a daily basis, more so when we are on our period. Its best to keep super hydrated during periods as without water, your body will retain the water already there causing discomfort.

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Dark Chocolate

This is the tastiest and greatest secret to having a happy period. It helps improve your mood, reduce stress, reduce period pains and give you a boost of energy. Don’t feel guilty while buying that bar of chocolate anymore.


This is a 100% natural plant. The leaves of moringa are dried and powdered. These can be then used as tea, or taken in the form of capsules. Moringa significantly reduces your period cramps and has way more vitamins and minerals than most vegetables. Its good to add this to your diet for overall health.


Matcha is taking the world by storm. Matcha ice creams, tea, desserts and so much more. However, did you know matcha helps with menstruation too? Matcha is a natural pain reliever and helps reduce your cramps and also helps get rid of mood swings. There are a lot of ways to consume matcha, and you can choose and pick whatever suits you best!

Know some more home remedies for a happier period? We’d love to hear from you. Tell us about how you take care of your menstrual health.

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