Delhi to Dimapur on a bike, for the cause of women

53-year-old Shailja Gupta rode a Harley Davidson from Delhi to Guwahati along with other bikers as well to spread the message against women's exploitation

Poorvi Gupta
Jun 09, 2016 06:56 IST
Shailja Gupta

Now this is a novel idea to spread awareness about women exploitation. Two months ago, 53-year-old Shailja Gupta undertook a journey on a Harley Davidson from Delhi to Guwahati. She was joined on the ride by other bikers as well, all uniting for the cause of women. Finally the group of riders reached the capital of the state Dimapur this Sunday.


Shailja, a biker herself, started ‘Bikers against Women Exploitation’ in March with the help of Nagaland Motorcycles Club, which facilitated her ride. She rode on a Harley Davidson that was gifted by her Husband before he passed away eight years ago. After reaching the City Towar in Dimapur, they went to Medziphema, which is 30 kilometres away from the city. The gang held banners to spread message against women exploitation.

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“Exploitation means suffering and I have suffered a lot in the Indian patriarchal society and I have seen so many economically independent Indian women being harassed and exploited whether at home or work place," Shailja said in an interview with ANI, reported by DNA. "If women are not strong, the home will not be strong, the family will not be strong and ultimately the nation will not be strong," she added.


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Although the North East is considered a much safer area for women in comparison with states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana,  but there has been a significant increase in crimes against women in Nagaland. As such, the bikers mission was to make a statement against violence and exploitation of women, and it's always heartening to see an effort like this. How successful they are...well...that's anybody's guess.

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