Delhi Police Recruits Women Commandos in Parakram Unit

Women Account 6 Percent Police

In an empowering move, the Parakram unit of Delhi Police has for the first time, recruited women to fight terrorism in the capital. They have inducted a fleet of 41 North-Eastern women into the Unit.

These commandos have undergone firing training at the Delhi Police Short Range training, near Civil Lines.

“I always wanted to contribute to the country. I know, it’s  24X7 duty, and I am ready for it,” said Commando Reenu from Uttar Pradesh to HT.

The women will have an AK-47 and MP-5 rifle each. Apart from this, they have BP Jacket, tact belt with pouches, all-weather caps, arms and knee pads, anti-ballistic goggles, half gloves and pepper spray.

“When we talk about gender equality, initiatives like these bring a fair mix of both genders. Women are trained in the same way as men. So, their strength should be utilised in the same manner. Also, since they are new recruits and have more energy and passion, they are more effective,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Monika Bhardwaj, HT reported.

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Delhi Police inducted Parakram Vans into the force in May 2017. Each van has a total of five commandos, one NSG trained driver and one in-charge. They aim to control law and order situation and in addition, are trained to tackle any anti-terror situation. In order to tighten the security, all areas of the city which see high footfall have Parakram Vans stationed.

“This initiative is to make a special unit for the security of the country, and I feel proud to be a part of it,” says Dimpal Goswami, a woman commando.

“I always wanted to contribute to the country. I know, it’s a 24X7 duty, and I am ready for it. My brother, who is also a commando, is my inspiration,” said commando Reenu who belongs to Uttar Pradesh.

Furthermore the initiative does not stop here, the force will launch more facilities to benefit commandos. “We will keep taking initiatives to provide world-class equipment to the commandos, which will work as a force multiplier, and will increase their efficiency to combat terrorism,” said Dependra Pathak, Special Commissioner of Police.

Picture credit- Indiatimes

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