Dalai Lama Aspires To See More Women In Leadership

Dalai Lama meets women at FICCI Flo

How rightly has Margaret Thatcher said,” When you want something said, ask a man, when you want something done, ask a woman.” A woman’s leadership qualities were often ignored in a world dominated by the institution of patriarchy. But with the onset of a feminist movement ruling our lives in the 21st century, women are gradually coming out of their shells and taking leadership roles in even those areas which were largely male-dominated. There are a whole lot of qualities that women possess which distinguish them as great leaders.

Dalai Lama, the famous spiritual leader, addressed the FICCI Ladies Organisation in New Delhi on 21st January and spoke about the dire need of having more and more women leaders in the world.

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Dalai Lama meets Vinita Bimbhet 1

Dalai Lama meets Women at FICCI Flo

According to him, women are more more compassionate and sensitive towards others and this is a great leadership quality which must be nurtured to create a peaceful world. Women, in general, are also known to be more loyal and trust-worthy he says.

Education and hygiene can be instrumental for women to lead and more women to emerge to the top. With regard to this, he said,”We must take steps wherever necessary to improve educational opportunities with emphasis on secularism and hygiene for all, especially women, so that every one lives a healthy life.” He also emphasized on why we need people to be compassionate in this increasingly dependent world.

Vinita Bhimbhet, President of FICCI Young Women Organisation spoke to SheThePeople,”I personally believe that the world would become a fabulous place if 50% of leaders in every sphere are women. As women, we deserve to be at the helm of affairs. At the event, we asked him about the possibility of a female Dalai Lama. He was fascinated by the idea and would love to have one.”

Dalai Lama at FICCI Flo

Dalai Lama at FICCI Flo

Our take: Women are great multitaskers and know how to balance between the head and the heart. They possess indomitable spirit of courage and enthusiasm which helps them to take balance and justifiable decisions in their respective professions.

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 Image credits: Shethepeople.Tv