Cartoon Exhibition Highlights Need For Women’s Safety

Cartoons of Kerala

People have different ways of initiating conversations around different issues. Women’s safety is one issue that needs to be talked about over and over until it is ensured to every woman in the country. While protests, films and art are ways to start the dialogue around this issue, an organisation on April 5 put up a cartoon exhibition in Thiruvananthapuram as a way to spread awareness about women’s safety.

Cartoonists from all over Kerala are taking part in the exhibition to showcase their works against crimes and other atrocities against women that continue to happen not just in the state but in the whole country. Kerala Cartoon Academy has collaborated with the Thiruvananthapuram Press Club to organise this event.

Artists who are showcasing their works include Yesudasan, EP Unni, Surendra, PV Krishnan, Gopikrishnan, Sujith, Baiju Paulose, TVG Menon, Prasannan Anikkad, Elias John G Hari, Madhu Omalloor, Unnikrishnan and Sudheernath, as reported by New Indian Express.

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This is not the first time that the Kerala Cartoon Academy has arranged an issue-based exhibition. It has highlighted many national issues through their work such as surgical strike against Pakistan and demonetization have been some issues portrayed in their earlier exhibitions.

Other than national issues, the cartoon academy also lays emphasis on other issues pertaining to women. In the past, the academy has dealt with stereotypes like ‘women are not funny’, child sexual abuse etc.

Picture Credit- Kerala Cartoon Academy