Bride Calls Cops Moments Before Wedding, Says “I Don’t Like The Groom”

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 Bride Calls Cops: A Bride called off her wedding in Nagpur district by calling the police at the eleventh hour, she admitted to the police officials that she did not love the man with whom her family was trying to get her married.

The wedding was supposed to start at noon near Ramtek, in a resort on Tuesday, said a police official.

Moments before the muhurat of the bride’s wedding the woman called a police control room and confessed that she was in love with someone else due to which she did not want to marry the groom chosen by her family.

Bride Calls Cops On Wedding Day:

The bride’s phone call to the police made the groom’s family angry, which led to the exchange of heated arguments between both the families, as per reports. 

The police officials, Inspector Pramod Makeshwar and his colleagues bolted to the spot and took the family members of both sides to the Ramtek police station. The wedding was called off when the exasperated relatives of both the families calmed down.

As per the statement of one of the officials, the bride confessed her love for someone else to her mother and denied marrying the chosen by the family a week ago before the marriage.

Similar Incidents-

bride in Uttar Pradesh called off her wedding with the groom when she spotted him wearing glasses on the day of the wedding, which made her family suspect that the groom’s eyesight wasn’t strong enough post which the family asked him to read a newspaper without his glasses.

In a viral story, the bride and groom were identified as Archana and Shivam respectively. Archana called off the wedding when Shivam failed to complete the task successfully. 

In a similar case that again took place in UP, the bride cancelled her wedding when the groom arrived drunk at their wedding event and his friends forced her to the dance floor.

Do such incidents make us question “is it Bad if the Bride Rejects the Groom on the Wedding Day?