Breaking away from conventions: The new wave of bold commercials

Gender equality is a powerful subject of debate in our times. And as a reflection of society, it is generally a discussion point in media as well – whether film, television or advertising. In fact, a lot of times it’s the portrayal of the sexes in media that sparks off a debate. Advertisements have always played a major role in shaping one’s perception. And while women have been stereotyped for ages, have been objectified and their bodies been sexualised to promote an item, times are changing, albeit slowly. The change is guided by sensitivity towards every gender. So here are a few ads that have contributed to the change we’re talking about:

  • Jabong’s latest: Embracing your sexuality

It breaks many sexual stereotypes that we attach with males and females. It is all about embracing who you are and it does not matter if your genitalia says it differently because sometimes nature gets us all wrong. A powerful message showcased in an equally powerful way.

This one leaves us with a smile on our face. It makes one question the extreme reactions same-sex couples are subjected to when they come out of the closet. It presents to the viewer a scenario where two girls who are in love decide to tell one of their parents about their relationship, and it is as heart-warming as possible. Love comes in all shapes, sizes and genders!

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  • Ariel: Share The Load 

Another one of those commercials that teach you a lot more than sometimes you can learn from reading, listening and discussing. In merely two minutes, it shows the worth of a working woman who comes home to household chores. It also makes a man feel guilty of never lending a helping hand to his significant other. This ad needs to be watched by everyone in the patriarchal society of India and around the world.

When Vir Das is in a commercial, we tend to take it lightly thinking it must be one of its comical gigs. But not this one. It rips apart every women- objectifying commercial.  It truly shows that when you promote a product, the product should be the focal point and not who promotes it and their sexuality.

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One of the most sensitive ads that came out in 2013 with a message that addresses the elephant in the room still- second marriages in India. Here the woman in question is marrying for the second time. She has a girl of around 10 years who trundles with her to the Mandap. The ad is about acceptance. It is about showing the same kind of love. Elegantly done!

This one’s a foreign commercial, with a very strong message. As long as we can remember, being ‘like a girl’ means being frail, weak and confused. But this challenges the very idea of what the term ‘like a girl’ means. Throwing weakly? Running slowly? Well, young girls don’t think so, and show us what it really means to be like a girl. Thought provoking stuff, this! Feature Image Credit: YouTube

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