Influencer Camila Marodin Arrested For ‘Getting Husband Killed’ At Son’s Birthday Party

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Camila Marodin, a Brazilian model and social media influencer, has reportedly been arrested under suspicion of ordering the murder of her husband at their son’s birthday party earlier this month. She is also named as the alleged leader of a drug cartel operative in the country and could also have links to more death cases, reports suggest.

The boy’s fourth birthday party was on November 7, where the man was shot by people allegedly working under him. Marodin was arrested five days later from Matinhos in Parana, on the way back from her mother’s house, reports Daily Mail. Police are also investigating her connection to the deaths of two ex-cops in that same period.

It was initially believed that Marodin’s husband Ricardo was leading a cartel but following his death, it is indicated it could possibly have been the model who was running the illegal businesses.

Camila Marodin Arrested: How The Operation Was Carried Out

As per reports, an investigation surrounding Marodin and her husband had been ongoing for a year. The arrest of Marodin, and 14 other people suspected in the case, was given a green light in view of the three recent deaths. The Military Police in Brazil carried out the operation.

The influencer was missing from her home in Pinhais when police arrived on November 12. She was apprehended near her mother’s home, where she is believed to have hidden a gun.

During interrogation, Marodin claimed her husband was innocent and “probably murdered in a case of mistaken identity,” according to a report by The TimesThe duo had three children together.

Huge deposits of cash (around 1.3 million Brazilian reais or USD 236,213 found in Marodin’s account alone), high-end properties, luxury cars and weapons have been retrieved by investigating officers. A court has reportedly frozen Marodin’s assets following her arrest, local media states.

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