7 Women In 7 Unconventional Professions

women in unlikely professions

Are you one of those who think that women can excel only in professions like  teaching and nursing? Do you believe that their “feminine traits” restrict their horizon and prevent them from taking up unconventional careers?

We are set to challenge the archaic mindsets of people who like confining women to specific professions. Today’s Indian women are audacious enough to break the moulds, follow their hearts and make money out of anything they are inclined towards.

Read on to know 7 such women who broke all the stereotypes and emerged victorious in their respective unconventional careers.

1. Shatbhi Basu

In a country where a woman visiting a bar raises many eyebrows, Shatbhi Basu took up the gauntlet of becoming the first ever female bartender. Interestingly, bar-tending is an unusual profession for Indian men as well. Having a career spanning three-long decades, she feels that bar-tending gave her a chance to change people’s perception about women’s abilities. She has conducted a lot of workshops in bar-tending. So, next time do not get shocked at the sight of a woman making a drink for you. They can be experts at that!

2. Bharti Singh

Bharati Singh

Bharati Singh
Image credits: starsunfolded.com

Life is better when we are laughing and it becomes more motivating when the person making us laugh is a woman. Women can do a lot of fun things besides fretting and fuming. Bharti Singh, the celebrated stand-up comedian, leaves no chance to regale her audience with her humour. Hers has been a glorious journey with a lot of highs and not many lows. It is because of her determination that we see so many women taking up this profession to earn a living.

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3. Shareen Ratnagar

Women like raking up old wounds. Shareen Ratnagar earns her living out of it. A noted archaeologist, she has been engaged in studying about the end of Indus Valley Civilisation for many decades now. Currently, she is an independent researcher living in Mumbai. She has written a lot of books and papers in her long career.

4. Rajni Pandit

Maharashtra’s Rajni Pandit is an established private investigator. She solved her first case when she was in college and eventually, made a career out of it. She is a fearless woman who handles about 20 cases in a month related to murders, domestic issues, etc.

5. Prema Ramappa

Prema Ramappa

Prema Ramappa
Image credits: The Week

To all those who feel women are bad drivers, meet Prema Ramapp from Bengaluru who drives a public transport bus. Her husband’s sudden demise compelled her to enter this field in 2015. Keeping in mind the condition of women’s safety in buses, we are in dire need of more such women like her who can take charge of India’s transport infrastructure.

6. Mayanti Langer

Indian women entering sports is an achievement but women entering sports journalism calls for a celebration. Mayanti Langer, an alumna of Delhi University, is the women entering sports journalism calls for a huge celebration. Mayanti Langer, an alumna of Delhi University, is the pioneer for introducing women to this male-dominated field. Hosting the FIFA World Cup 2010 on ESPN, 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi and the 2011 Cricket World Cup are some of the feathers in her cap.

7. Surekha Yadav

She has been manoeuvring her way into the rough terrains of our country for more than 22 years. India’s first woman train driver, Surekha Yadav, sealed thousands of mouths when she drove a “Ladies Special” local train for Central Railway for the first time in 1998. She has also driven the Deccan Queen from Pune to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in 2011.

We salute these women for standing defiant against all odds. Their resolute nature is an inspiration for all those girls nurturing the dream of proving their mettle in their chosen fields.

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