6 Things That Women Can Wear For Safety

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Indian women are grappling with dual challenges. On one side, they have to be wary of perpetrators looking for a chance to pounce at them. On the other hand, there is a strong movement that encourages women to reclaim public spaces.The good news is that entrepreneurs have come up with some great wearable items that can combat both the problems. Equipped with these items, women can finally roam around freely while keeping up with their style statement.

Read on to know about 6 such wearable items invented for women’s safety:

1. Zulex Wearables

Zulex Variables

Zulex Variables
Image credits: Zulex.com

“Zulex is an effort to solve this problem by enhancin”g safety via faster and efficient communication in emergency situations. We are offering a GPS enabled smart safety wearable device which will keep every woman safe and connected at all time,” says Abhishek Kulkarni, Co-Founder and CEO, Zulex Wearables.

Explaining the mechanism, Kulkarni says, “On a simple long press of 3 seconds, Zulex will notify emergency contacts and start transmitting live location data. With real-time tracking, help can reach in a much faster and precise manner.”

Zulex looks stylish and can be worn as a band, necklace or ring. Zulex also has a daily tracking utility where you can request your close contacts to track you while travelling to work, college or taking late night commutes alone.



Image credits: Crunchbase.com

Founded by Aditi Chadha, DAZL is a smart device that works with stylish fashion accessories and jewellery. It delivers location-based safety alerts at one click. A woman can wear a pendant or a bracelet and this device can be fitted into those jewellery pieces. DAZL has some amazing features. If you misplace your phone and are caught in an emergency situation, DAZL sends a location alert to your family members. Another hallmark of this safety device is that your jewellery piece will start buzzing in case you fail to reply to your phone calls or forget your phone somewhere.

3. Amulyte Pendant

Amulyte Pendant

Amulyte Pendant
Image credits: OpenLDIO

This wearable safety device has a help button that works anywhere. It instantly connects you to your family members and caregivers and lets them know your location, if you need help. Using the speaker and microphone installed, you can talk to them directly through the pendant. It also tracks your activity, ensuring you stay healthy and active.

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4. Charm Alarm

Charm Alarm

Charm Alarm
Image credits: SenDeYap.com

Charm Alarm works for people who are too possessive of their belongings. It is connected to a necklace that keeps tabs on your purse and wallet. It warns you if you walk too far away from your belongings or if someone tries to grab your bag and walk away. It also makes noise to attract people’s attention to the stalker.

5. The Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel
Image credits: EMS World

The Guardian Angel works with via Bluetooth with an app on the phone. Pressing the button will lead to your phone ringing automatically which will distract the thief or molester and send an alert to a contact already registered.

6. First Sign Hair clip

Safety Hair Pin

Safety Hair Pin
Image credits: First Sign Technologies

Not every place has CCTVs to record the misdeeds of people around. However, there is a hair clip made for women that can record audio and video of any incident that takes place. The device can be used later as evidence against the perpetrator.

These small, yet powerful, wonders of technology will go a long way in helping women stay safe and stylish.

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