5 Women On Frontlines Amid Israel-Gaza War

Amidst the Israel-Gaza war, a powerful narrative emerges – the world witnesses a display of courage and strength, where women stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts, fighting not only for their nation but for a future of peace and freedom. (Image Credits - Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images)

1. Moriah Mencer

Moriah Mencer, a former IDF soldier, epitomizes the spirit of unwavering dedication. She didn't hesitate when she received the call of duty, returning to Israel after her friend's tragic demise during the attack. (Image - Instagram)

2. Captain Ella

Captain Ella, known as the first Muslim Arab woman to achieve the rank of major in the IDF, stands as a symbol of unity in a time of turmoil. Her updates on the conflict, shared on IDF's Instagram handle, inspire hope and solidarity. (Image - Instagram @captain_ella_waweya/)

3. Zohar and Liron

Zohar and Liron, a courageous couple, survived the horrors of the Supernova music festival massacre. Rather than succumbing to fear, they immediately reported for reserve duty in the Combat Engineering Corps' reserve battalion. (Image - Israel Defense Forces Twitter)

4. Plestia Alaqad

Plestia Alaqad, a journalist from Palestine, has taken it upon herself to document the widespread devastation that surrounds her. Based in Gaza, she has chronicled the transformation of life since the Israel-Hamas war began. (Image - Instagram-byplestia)

5. Miki Dubery

Miki Dubery, a 23-year-old journalist who migrated to Tel Aviv from the US, has been a relentless advocate for those affected by the Hamas assault. She has interviewed victims and reported on the atrocities committed in the region. (Image - Instagram @mikidubery)