Philippines: 23-Year-Old Flight Attendant Found Dead In Bath On NYE, Gangrape Suspected

Christine Dacera Death Case

Christine Angelica Dacera, a 23-year-old flight attendant was found dead in the bathtub of a posh hotel.  Dacera checked in City Garden, a four-star hotel in the city of Makati Manila, Philippines, to celebrate the new year’s eve with her friends.

According to a report, Dacera, who was employed at Philippine Airlines (PAL) in the position of a flight attendant was present at the new year’s party with a few of her office friends. One of her colleagues identified as Rommel Galida has informed that he found Dacera asleep in the bathtub of the hotel room when he woke up around 10 am.  He further said that he wrapped Dacera in a blanket and went to sleep again but found her unconscious and turning blue even a few hours later when he woke up again. Soon after, she was rushed to the hospital but doctors declared her bought dead. 

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The police are suspecting gangrape and investing 11 men of which three have been arrested in connection with Dacera’s death. The Philippine National Police has reportedly arrested John Pascual Dela Serna III, 27, Rommel Daluro Galida, 29, and John Paul Reyes Halili, 25, under the charges of the crime of “rape with homicide.”

The Philippine Police authorities further informed that they are still looking for nine other people who were present with Dacera at the hotel on the night before her death. Makati City Police Station Chief Colonel Harold Depositar told the Inquirer that the rape charge was due to the victim having “lacerations and sperm in her genitalia.” Detectives said an investigation is ongoing as cuts and bruises were found on not only her thighs and knees but her entire body.

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The investigation is still under process as the detectives wait for an autopsy result.

According to a report, Dacera’s family has alleged her friends for forcing their daughter to consume banned substances at the party. Moreover, Dacera’s mother also informed that she had taken permission from the family before leaving for the New Year’s Party and that they knew she was in the company of trusted friends. Dacera reportedly spoke to her mother on January 1 at midnight and 12 hours later a friend informed her family about Dacera’s death.

Image Credit: Christine Angelica Dacera