12-Yr-Old Senorita Nongpluh Wows At Indian Women’s Football League

Senorita Nongpluh

The Indian Women’s Football is currently going on and FC Pune City’s 12-year-old footballer Senorita Nongpluh’s moves seem like a sweet surprise to football enthusiasts. Forward player Nongpluh attracted attention in this tournament by playing against stalwarts of the game.

Senorita’s recent encounter with her favourite football player Bembem Devi especially became the highlight of the tournament. During a match against the Eastern Union, Senorita snatched the ball from Devi with a “hard but neat tackle”.

The Meghalaya girl’s move at the football court surprised Devi, too, as she said, “She reminds me of myself. I had made my debut for the senior national side at the age of 15 years,” as reported by One India.

She added, “Senorita has started playing in the women’s franchise league at the age of 12 years only. She looks highly talented. Otherwise, it could not have been possible for her to get into the highest level of Indian female football.”

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Even Senorita could not believe her luck as she tackled the ball from Devi. “I had never imagined that I would get to play alongside some of my idols, and most importantly, legends of Indian Football. It is like a dream come true,” said the 4-ft 2 inches tall player after the match, reported Sportskeeda.

“When I was on the touchline waiting to come on (the pitch), I was feeling nervous. But once I touched the ball, my confidence grew.”

About her being the youngest player to ever play in the Indian Women’s Football League, Senorita said that when people hear what her age is, they look awed. She added that playing against her idols does scare her sometimes, but not enough to scare her away from the game as “football is her life”.

Now her aim in the current league is to score a goal. “I want to score goal in the ongoing league. Then my sole aim will be to don an India jersey and play for the country consistently.”

Picture credit- The Tribune