Who Is Avi Sharma? Indore Boy Awarded With PM Rashtriya Bal Puraskar

Avi Sharma
A 13-year-old boy, Avi Sharma is a resident from Indore, India and has recently won the Prime Minister’s Rashtriya Bal Puraskar or National Child Award. The young boy is also a motivational speaker as well as a writer.

During the first lockdown, Avi Sharma wrote the Balmukhi Ramayana and as noted by his mother Vinita Sharma, had been interested in literature and religion since a very young age. His simple tone and humble character also impressed the Prime Minister on his video conference with Avi.

From the age of two, Avi used to recite shlokas and mantras. At the age of two and a half, he was reportedly able to recall around 200-300 Hindi and English poems and could easily identify colours banks and ATMs. This was when his parents realised that he had unique skills as a child prodigy and provided their full support for him to move ahead in different fields.

Avi wrote Balmukhi Ramayana in 2020, taught free Vedic Math as well as coding online in 2021. He has also received a certificate and Rs 1 lakh, as stated by his mother, Vinita Sharma.

Avi came up with the idea of writing Balmukhi Ramayana as he believed that people, especially young kids were forgetting their roots and about the character of Lord Rama. He stated that his parents were very supportive with his interests and had often supported his writings and arguments with scriptures and Indian culture.

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He has been given the title of “Wonder Boy” of Madhya Pradesh.

Avi has also developed an all-in-one computer based voice command app known as “MADHAV” (My Advance Domestic Handling AI Version) by defeating the state of the art Alexa technology which works through voice commands on his computer at home.

The programme was created after two weeks of hard work works through voice commands on computer and his inspiration to develop such a voice-operated programme arose after watching the difficulties faced by the elderly and disabled people in operating computers, which has now become a necessity for most.

It can be used to operate other electronic devices and can also translate one’s spoken language and if a person has WiFi facility at home, the electronic devices at home can be operated through the programme.

Avi is a multitasker and enjoys doing different things and exploring the unknown. He also proceeds giving motivational speeches in schools, colleges and due to his early picked up skills, half of his house is already filled and awards as well as medals. On camera when asked of Avi’s achievements, his mother was so baffled as his skills were innumerable to even be counted on camera.