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This Couple Is Living The Reality Of 50 First Dates And Its Much More Complicated

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50 First Dates In Real Life: Megan Jackson, the 21-year-old TikTok influencer suffering from Functional Neurological Disorder is fighting against the odds to live a normal life with her girlfriend. Jackson and her girlfriend Tara Sorkin compare their situation with the movie 50 First Dates. They have been together for only a few months and Jackson has already forgotten about her relationship thrice.

The Drew Barrymore film 50 First Dates released in 2004 can be really compared with the life of the UK based TikTok influencer suffering from Functional Neurological Disorder and her girlfriend who refuses to give up on love.

Jackson was diagnosed with the disorder at the age of 17 and some of the effects of her disorder are temporary paralysis, memory problems and seizures. Jackson documents her journey through the platform of TikTok where she has more than 3,32,000 followers. Tara, Jackson’s girlfriend sorted different methods of preserving her memory like maintaining a daily diary for Jackson, taking her to her favourite places and celebrating Valentine’s Day multiple times.

“We’ve only been together a few months and we’ve been through way too much. We shouldn’t have been through this amount of trauma and I’ve forgotten her at least four times, It’s like ‘50 First Dates.’ Everyone refers to it like that.” Said Jackson.

Sometimes Jackson’s seizure would lead to questioning her sexuality. She would be confused when told that Tara is her girlfriend.

Jackson says about her sexuality that “I’ll be like ‘What the hell — I’m not even gay,’” because she has forgotten.

FND is triggered by extreme emotions and stress. “It’s so depressing. I have seizures pretty much every day,” she said. “I only need to laugh then I have a fit. It affects every part of my life.” Jackson says.

Jackson’s seizures and memory loss made it impossible for her to find stability in her career life. “I can’t work. I’ve been let go by so many jobs,” Jackson said.