Young prodigies are making new strides in every nook and corner of India. Tanishka Awasthi, a 12-year-old from Indore, has her eyes set on appearing for this year’s Class 12 board examinations. If her application is approved by the state board of Madhya Pradesh, she could become the youngest person to appear for the senior secondary examinations.

Key Takeaways

  • Tanishka cleared Class 10 board examinations last year.
  • She has sought permission for writing Class 12 board examinations.
  • Tanishka might become the youngest person to appear for senior secondary examinations in Madhya Pradesh.
  • The secretary of the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education says that her application is still pending. They are yet to give their decision on the matter.

Awasthi is a prodigy who started very young

The young aspirer has always learned faster than children of her age. Her parents decided to home school her as many schools were not ready to accommodate her in a higher class. It was only last year that Tanishka cleared Class 10 examinations with a 65 per cent result.

Anubha Awasthi, her mother, told Times of India that they asked the governor of Madhya Pradesh, Anandiben Patel, to let Anubha appear for 10th board exams. Also, this year they again have applied for permission as it is mandatory to have a year between Classes 10 and 12. The MPBSE shall review their permission soon.

“We are yet to give our decision on the matter”, says Anil Sachuri, the secretory of MPBSE.

The board never saw any such requests before

Unlike other state boards, the Madhya Pradesh board doesn’t have provisions for younger children to take examinations. Hence, if the board allows, Tanishka will have to write the examinations privately.

Her parents decided to home school her as many schools were not ready to accommodate her in a higher class.

Anil Suchari, the secretary of the Madhya Pradesh board of secondary Education told TOI that, “this is the first time that such a request has been made in our state. The application is under consideration and a committee with further decide if the student should be allowed to take these exams. We are yet to give our decision on the matter.”

Agastya Jaiswal and Naina Jaiswal were such prodigies from Hyderabad

Similarly, in 2017, Agastya Jaiswal cleared his class 12 board examinations from Hyderabad. He was the youngest person ever to do so in the state. He scored 63 per cent in the examinations. His sister, Naina, enrolled for a PhD at 17 years of age. Also, Naina was the first Asian girl to clear the 12th-grade examinations at the age of 10.

Sushma Verma passed 10th boards at the age of Seven

Sushma Verma was recognised as the youngest person to write the 10th board examinations in the year 2009. Her achievement was logged in the Limca Book Of Records. She further completed her undergraduate studies by the age of 13 and her Masters in Science at 15.

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