# I am Remarkable because ...

  • Nandini Vats Delhi

    I am remarkable because I believe in uplifting people irrespectively of their gender or class since everybody is equally entitled to benefits.

  • Paridhi Gupta Dehradun

    I have beaten the odds and the expectations of every judgy person and reached where I am, only to keep moving forward. I won't stop.

  • Shannon Naidoo South Africa

    I am remarkable because I enjoy helping others without expecting anything in return.

  • Vidya Mohan Mumbai

    I dare to be myself in an almost fake world that encourages fake living and Constant validation through social media!

  • Dsr Chennai

    I care about my co-workers and try to build them up. In me they have a colleague and a friend.

  • Ayushi Jain Delhi

    I am remarkable because I have been through a lot but still I am standing strong & I m no less than anyone.

  • Ushashi Sarkar Kolkata

    # I am remarkable for not letting my mental health issues pull me down and for always standing up for what I believe in.

  • Saumya Rastogi Delhi

    I stand for a cause and I am firm in my beliefs. I am remarkable, because even after being wronged, I have empathy and kindness.

  • Priti Sarkar Kolkata

    I am remarkable because I know my boundaries at work, and I know when to say no. I don't let my mental health suffer.

  • Prapti Sarkar Kolkata

    I am remarkable because everyday I am learning, unlearning and growing.

  • Pramila Sharma Agra

    I listen survivors of Gender based violence. I m working in Gender Sensitization committee at Agra. I love to paid attention to needy persons .

  • Nidhi Jain Delhi

    I live to inspire people what is the power of second language ( foreign language). Teach n guide online n offline to learn German language.

  • Nidhi Jain Delhi

    Hi, myself Nidhi Jain.I am a YouTuber , enterpreneur , influencer . I basically want to teach German Language to each n every personal person.

  • Anuya Trivedi Ahmedabad

    I run a startup named Green buddies, please feel free to connect at anuyatrivedi@greenbuddies.in web address: www.greenbuddies.in Mobile 7574811690

  • Payal Gandhi Hoon Gurgaon

    I bring joy, energy and luv where ever I go! I win over the dark clouds in my heart n believe in sunshine n sunflowers???

  • Richa Nidhi New Delhi

    #Iamremarkable because I am actually enjoying what I always wanted to do without giving much hype to what people( especially relatives and friends) will talk

  • Dulmani Atapattu Colombo,sri Lanka

    I have stepped out of my comfort zone leaving my home country to go to College in India. I adapted,managed and rocking it right now!!!

  • Dulmani Atapattu Sri Lanka

    I stepped out of my comfort zone leaving my home country to pursue my education in India. I adapted,managed and rocking it right now!!!!

  • Diksha Shivani New Delhi.

    I am remarkable because like every other human being, I have a unique set of traits to extend to the world and mine is warmth.

  • Smriti Chhabra Gurgaon

    I run online communities and can inspire and influence people to some great initiatives

  • Anjali Tripathi Delhi

    I am remarkable because I ignite inspiration.The Phoenix spark within me echoes of art;The art of rising from ashes!

  • Himani Mahawar New Delhi

    I work for every single change that I want in myself, at my home or in society. No matter how small, everybit counts!

  • Kayla Kirby Southern California

    Started a career in the field I always dreamed of. I'm doing what I love and helping my local community.

  • Mitushi Delhi

    I am remarkable because i have accepted that I'm still finding my way irrespective of many barriers standing out there!!

  • Diya Garg New Delhi

    I am Remarkable because I am original and working to be the best version of myself.

  • Kriti Sharma New Delhi

    I have learnt to deal with my fears and breaking society's stereotypes with my words. I'm determined to achieve my goals.

  • Pallavi Kumari Delhi

    # I am Remarkable because I harness the knowledge power from nature and this knowledge is pure, positive, divine, long-lived, eternal. I follow my bliss...

  • Sellah King\'oro Nairobi

    I am a charismatic, empathetic and emotional leader.

  • Lovely Faridabad

    I m remarkable because i am hardworking. My goals are high and i can do anything and everything possible to achieve them

  • Preeti Gupta Gurgaon

    I am a multitasker & perfectly managing family, job and my child. I learn from my critisism and work on my weaknesses to prove myself.

  • Sonal Satelkar Mumbai

    I have finally learnt to put self before others and I create conducive environment for women to grow.

  • Preeti Trikha Delhi

    I am remarkable owing to my cheerful and cool personality.Helping others and making them smile brings me joy.I believe in enjoying every moment of life.

  • Harshada Abhyankar Bhagavati Pune

    Im remarkable because i have sustained 15 successful years in male dominated profession. Stood up firm with all positives & negatives crossing the block tag.

  • Mishika Rawat Shahdra

    # I am Remarkable Because I have the confidence to stand in front of people and present my views

  • Kritika Dey Gurgaon

    I am Remarkable because the courage in me is my sheild to intolerance. Perseverance, generosity and optimism are my accessories .

  • Chakshita Gupta Delhi

    I believe in being ME. I have flaws and imperfections but I will carve out the best version of myself. I tag myself "PERFECTLY IMPERFECT"

  • Roopa Rao Electronic City

    An Edupreneur, love towards continuous learning, strive for success. Though Life throws challenges always I still smile and welcome them.

  • Nida Khan New Delhi

    I am a dedicated girl than a day dreamer and believes in putting efforts.

  • Priyanka Bhatia Delhi

    I have empowered more than 30000 females work from home and build their identity

  • Apoorvi Sethi New Delhi

    I have superpower cells in my brain which allows me to be my best in multi fields.

  • Neha Dharme Nagpur

    I am remarkable,Because true honesty lies in me. Crossed every challenge,troubles alone. I am Self believer & hardworking !!

  • Hanshika Vashist Gurugram

    I am remarkable because I believe in my strengths and my visions are strong. I take risk and prove myself right.

  • Divya Chaudhary Ghaziabad

    I am optimistic and believe in every dark light that I am to face makes me shine to my brightest .

  • Tanya Singh Ghaziabad

    I am a student and I never stop dreaming. Everyone has the right to dream and work hard to fulfill it,irrespective of their gender.

  • Renu Akarniya Delhi

    I'm remarkable because I'm fun loving person and want to make everyone happy who so ever around me.

  • Sandhyataneja Delhi

    I am remarkable because I can keep myself calm in any situation just by practicing BK meditation. I am the boss of myself .

  • Sandal Jamal Moradabad

    I am remarkable because I’m unapologetically me.

  • Roshni Khanna Mumbai

    I smash patriarchy in every action. I inspire women around me to achieve their highest self. I am designing my life centred around my ikigai.

  • Ivy Manohara Bangalore

    I have transitioned from being a Spatial Tech Program Manager to creating Standards in the big, bad world of Films!

  • Neha Jalan Gurgaon

    I can inspire people around, stick to my values and follow my dreams..!! I thank you god everyday for giving me this beautiful life.

  • Shradha Sud Gurgaon

    I am a Lawyer turned fashion entrepreneur, new mom, single founder - running a full value chain company.

  • Seema Prem Gurugram

    I am a Woman

  • Shraddha Ray Menon Gurgaon

    ...because every time life and situation expected me to turn myself inside out- I did and still do. I don’t come in my way!

  • Rachna Mehra New Delhi

    A Change In Belief System Perceptions reactions and learn to make different choices - Theta Healing works perfectly for me

  • Tamasha Fernando Colombo

    I’m here because of who I am and what I worked for.

  • Indu Nanayakkara Colombo, Sri Lanka

    I have unshakable faith in myself. And I love helping other women build an equally strong faith in themselves.

  • Neela Jagtiani Jaipur

    I am a true multitasker and very proud that I can balance family and my work.

  • Abhishree Bharti Patna

    I'm remarkable because I have earned my freedom & choice of life by overcoming all the challenges with positive attitude.

  • Yavanika Delhi

    I am a lawyer by graduation but following my passion & playing with words & phrases in the field of content creation.

  • Kusum Bangalore

    With consistent effort I have achieved what I always wanted to be i.e entrepreneur. Dare to dream & dare to become big is my moto.

  • Nina Kler Delhi

    I talk about my anxiety on a daily basis both at work and at home, de-stigmatising mentalhealth issues, unafraid of the consequences of judgment

  • Kavita Ashok Delhi

    Switched from modelling to Social Work in 2009 . Work for environment Issues ,climate change and public health ,Wife and mother of two girls .

  • Vandana Saxena Delhi

    I have rediscovered myself every time I lost the woman in me in trying to be a "good someone". My journey from mediocrity

  • Anamika Sengupta Mumbai

    I am bringing a change by practicing the co existing mantra and creating an inclusive workspace for Women to work fearlessly.

  • Surbhi Rastogi Gurgaon

    I chose to give up my MNC career to write my heart out. I write to empower women and talk about issues hush-hushed about.

  • Anita Purohit Andherie

    Because of tenacity & growth in all circumstances

  • Anuradha Mandavgane Pune

    I am self-employed and small business owner. With my litttle venture I am trying to help stay at moms worldwide find home based jobs.

  • Arnab Roy Kolkata

    I embrace my flaws with all my grace.. ?

  • Vartika Manasvi Delhi

    I believe in me and my skills

  • Priya Florence Shah Pune

    I have a vision to help women in India become financially and emotionally empowered so they can live their best lives.

  • Vandana Saxena Delhi

    I have rediscovered myself every time I have lost my own being trying to be "good someone". I have learnt the art of finding happiness.

  • Neha Kanodia Bangalore

    I am a women, techie, developer, entrepreneur, mother, wife, daughter, friend and glad to enjoy and fulfill each aspect of my being to its fullest.

  • Ruchika Navi Mumbai

    I am ok to be vulnerable. I am okay to learn. I am okay to give myself another chance.

  • Richa Gautam Gurgaon

    I am exploring both IT (Technologies) and the beauty world altogether. Working as an IT analyst and learning the new beauty terms and trends every.

  • Natasha Lorraine Menezes Bangalore

    With my passion, persistence, tenacity and dedication, I will go the distance.

  • Urveen Kohli Pune

    I believe in making on our own. I am doing job and business at the same time and am quite proud of it.

  • Suba Bangalore, India

    my resilience, continuously coming out of comfort zone, breaking the glass ceiling and making positive changes in the thought processes.

  • Bhavini Parikh Mumbai

    I am powerful with all the challenges and struggles I made my daughter pilot. I provided more than 1000 women work to make them independent.

  • Disha S Oswal Pune

    I am remarkable because, 1) A business person, startup called Ornorent. 2)The secretary of JITO Pune Youth wing. 3)A professional Bharatanatyam 4) Numerolgist and Gemologist.

  • Rhea Mumbai

    I have learnt it the hard way. It takes guts to overcome situations and bounce back.

  • Jasmine Khurana Mumbai

    I flirt with words, play with punches, make out with metaphors to raise a toast to women in myriad roles- one verse at a time!

  • Niti Singhal Mumbai

    I like to explore and find solutions to the Fashion related challenges that women face.

  • Usha Venkatraman Mumbai

    I use traditional and contemporary stories with puppets to teach in an Engaging, Effective and Empowering manner, to spark 'insights' and make learning 'Immersive'.

  • Neha Rastogu Noida

    I am remarkable because instead of thinking myself as a superwoman or supermom, I try my best to put in my best efforts in my work, home and motherhood. I run a company and also a full time mom... balance both and still manage to look good :-)

  • Pradnya Kakade Singh Pune

    I believe in myself and my abilities. It’s been 5years of entrepreneurship. Managing home, child and work excites me. Love my what I m doing.

  • Seema Prem Gurugram

    I am a woman. Period

  • Priya Deepak Ernakulam

    I am remarkable as I make a change in the natural cookware industry selling natural cookware with social impact to dying foundries, artisans & seasoning

  • Radhika Bhawnani Gurgaon

    I believe I can fly. Oh yes, I do.

  • Raina Raonta Mumbai

    I have the guts to take risk and I choose to be me at all times and at all costs.

  • Shonali Advani Bengaluru

    I quit a full-time job as a scribe to fly solo experimenting with new avenues - event curation&moderation, business development, client-relationships and editorial consultancy!

  • Jayshree Bhojwani Mengi Mumbai

    I am remarkable because I would like to think that I am a SUPER WOMAN at work and home and a SUPER MOM to 2 amazing girls .

  • Ria Das Bangalore

    I am remarkable because nothing, I repeat, nothing's going to stop me now that I have achieve a lot since moved to a big city. Coming from a small town where women are dictated to choose career, partner or even shampoo... I rebelled and man oh man what a comfort it is to live on my own terms. I’m a grown-ass feminist. And, I mean to strive and survive.

  • Poornima Katyal Delhi

    I work full time and also run a business alongside.

  • Aditi Mumbai

    I am as modern as they come today, I take care of my family with all my energies, I manage the business where I and my husband are partners, I have ventured into a start up to challenge myself further and get closer to that pecuniary goal, I am obsessed with flawless skin and hair(but the vanity certainly does not end there), In-spite of the above I have a lot of issues with myself, where I struggle. My self doubt, self awareness and the journey to be a decent human being is what makes me remarkable...

  • Durriya Dhankot Mumbai

    I am working in a partnership firm with 13 years. In these many years I have learnt how to be patient and overcome the obstacles to acheive your goals and lead a better life

  • Sheetal Khetani Mumbai

    I am remarkable because because finding a passion at the age of 24 and coming out of the comfort zone and achieving my goals makes me the person what I am today no matter what obstacles i faced. Always break free from your comfort zone

  • Ruchi Mumbai

    I am always thinking about others, always concerned about making sure people around me are happy and that makes me a remarkable person!

  • Kiran Manral Mumbai

    I like to think that I am.

  • Angela Jaipur

    When life throws lemons at me, I pick them up and win the lemon race.

  • Poorvi Gupta Faridabad

    I strive to become more aware of my flaws and I am willing to work towards getting better and more put together every day. Small changes matter.

  • Shaili Chopra Gurgaon

    I took a chance on myself and pushed self doubt outside the window.

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