# I Am SheThePeople because ....

  • Shailika Sinha Delhi

    I am aware of the infinite potential and immense strength I possess as a woman.

  • Shailika Sinha Delhi

    I understand my infinite potential and immense strength as a woman.

  • Shaili Chopra Sewree, Mumbai

    I am feminist, fierce and fearless.

  • Pramila Sharma Agra

    #I Am She The People because I stands for every needy person comes in my contact teach gender equality

  • Gurmeet Kaur New Delhi

    I know how to get up every time I fall.

  • Yamuna Krishna Bangalore

    I know when to change the comma to a full stop; in people and in life equally.

  • Aarti V Raman Mumbai

    I am protective of my mental boundaries while I smash goals and crush the patriarchy one step at a time.

  • Jaya Rawat Dausa Rajasthan

    I am a struggling civil engineer.I always try to get up one more time than life knocks me down.

  • Payal Gandhi Hoon Gurgaon

    I am adventurous about life And I always take the weather with me everywhere I go. Seading sunshine and happiness to u ??????

  • Kiran Manral Mumbai

    I am strong. I am loud. I am unapologetic. I am comfortable in my skin.

  • Suman Gurgaon

    I am fighting my own battles. I am proud of fending for myself.

  • Neela Lucknow

    I stood up against all odds, decided to follow my passion in crochet and now sell to many brands.

  • Angela Gurgaon

    I believe in madness over method. Life is calling where are you?

  • Bani Delhi

    Because I stand for myself

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