Woman Who Helped Visually Impaired Man Board Bus Gets Rewarded With New House

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Earlier this month, a Kerala woman’s act of kindness won over social media. Now it being reported that that she has been rewarded with a house for her gesture. The viral video of a woman helping out a visually impaired man catching a bus was widely circulated earlier this month. Later, the woman in the clip was identified as Supriya, who works as a saleswoman in the town of Tiruvalla. She has been working with the Alukkas group for three years. When her videos had gone viral, the chairman of the company, a popular jewellery brand, met her and gifted her a house as a token of appreciation for her gesture, the Hindustan Times reported.

Supriya stays in a rented house in Tiruvalla with her children and husband. Chairman Joy Alukkas visited her home last week and congratulated her for being so kind. “It was a spontaneous act and I never thought this will fetch me so much of praise and love,” said Supriya.

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What You Should Know

  •  Kerala woman who helped a visually impaired man board a bus has been gifted a house.
  • The video in which she is seen helping out an elderly blind man board a bus went viral earlier this month.
  • The woman in the clip was later identified as a saleswoman from Thiruvalla.

In the video, Supriya can be seen running behind a bus, asking the conductor to stop and helping an elderly, visually impaired man safely board the vehicle. She was immediately hailed as a hero for her act of kindness and generosity.

She was also praised by an IPS officer Vijayakumaron from Tamil Nadu, who took to Twitter and wrote: “She made this world a better place to live. kindness is beautiful!”

Watch the video here again:

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Talking to local news outlet Mathrubhumi, Supriya said, “I asked him where he needed to go. I needed to know if there was a bus stop there. I thought my husband, Anoop, on his bike can drop him at the bus stand. Fortunately, the bus came and stopped a bit ahead. I ran to the bus and told the conductor who was sitting at the back about the blind person. I didn’t think the bus would wait.”

Supriya also received appreciation from Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh who wrote on Twitter, “We should all aim to be like her when no one is watching.

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Woman Who Helped Visually Impaired Man Board Bus Gets Rewarded With New House
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