How we did it: Coronavirus Survivors talk about their experience

coronavirus survivors share their story

I took all precaution but it happened to me. That’s coming from a coronavirus survivor. How did they cope and what were their symptoms? How did they react, what helped them along the way? These and many other experiences are documented in this article that collates voices from across India of coronavirus survivors.

The Survivor Story

A 34-year-old woman contracted Coronavirus when she returned from Finland. She says that she regrets going abroad due to which she came in contact with the virus. Speaking to PTI wire service, the survivor who is from Ahmedabad, urged people to remain indoors. She said despite all precautions she contracted the virus and would insist that people stay home in order to prevent the spread. She lives in the Ambawadi locality in Ahmedabad. After she successfully recovered from the disease, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Hospital discharged her on Sunday.

Neighbours gave a warm welcome

Residents of her society gave the woman a very warm welcome by clapping and blowing conch when she came back home after recovery.

She requested people to not to step out of their houses. She said to NDTV, “From my personal experience, I must say that there is no alternative to staying at home. The risk of going abroad I took was absolutely not worth it. You are safe until you are at home.”

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Took all precautions while travelling

The woman was one of the first few patients of Coronavirus after the outbreak of the deadly disease in Gujarat. She further added, ” When I went abroad, I took all possible precautions. I was wearing the N95 mask, cleaning my hands with sanitiser at regular intervals and also maintaining distance from others, and yet, I contracted the infection. So, my advice to everyone is to stay indoors and contact a government hospital if you develop any symptoms.”

Read books and remembered God

Rita Bachkaniwala from Surat is also a Coronavirus Survivor. She told India Today, “I had dry cough and fatigue. My infection was limited to my throat only and did not reach my lungs. Therefore, I did not develop any breathing difficulty. This was because I went on time to get tested. If people have dry cough or fever and think they might have Coronavirus, they should get themselves tested immediately.” On being asked about anxiety she says, ” I didn’t have anxiety or fear. I was reading. I also have exams coming up. So I studied. I surrounded myself with positivity. I would meditate and spend my time with God because I am very religious as well.”

However, there are thousands of patients still in the hospitals and fighting the disease bravely. Hrishi Giridhar is one such person who is currently in a hospital and fighting bravely against the deadly disease.

On 3rd of April, Hrishi posted on Instagram about his experience while fighting the deadly disease. He told people about the symptoms he had. Majority of which was fever, lethargy and weakness.

Hrishi says, “I was admitted to Kasturba hospital. The nurses and doctors are friendly and helpful. I feel like I am in very good hands. The rooms, wards and the washroom are clean. They have kept multiple multiple sanitiser bottles in every room. The doctors and nurses seem to know every patient and their symptoms.”

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Doctors ensuring good mental health

Talking about the doctors, he said: “A doctor took rounds to every room and talked to every patient just to ensure that their mental health is okay.” To this, he further added, “This was one of the nicest and most reassuring things to happen to me since I came to the hospital.”

Hrishi further says “I have seen many patients who got recovered and were discharged. I am grateful to all the doctors, nurses and cleaners who are  helping me and ensuring that I am comfortable. I urge you all to follow the state’s orders to stay indoors and stay isolated, and to not unnecessarily take actions that may put more pressure on the healthcare system.”


We hope Hrishi and everyone else who is fighting against this deadly disease gets well soon. More power to their families as well who are suffering equally seeing their loved ones in pain.

Sumati Singh from Ahmedabad also said in an interview with India Today, “I had a mild fever and dry cough. I called my doctor who gave me some antibiotics assuming it minor flu. After 4 days, I felt a little wheezing in my chest. I then called a doctor friend who asked me to come to the hospital.” She survived the virus to tell the story.

Coronavirus survivors give us hope. COVID-19 has been a killer virus and taken the world on with a pandemic no one anticipated or prepared for.

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