A software engineer from Hyderabad has resorted to selling vegetables for a living after losing her job. 26-year-old Unadadi Sharada was reportedly working in an MNC in the city before she lost her employment due to COVID-19 crisis. Sharada’s financial situation worsened after she got laid off from her job. Struggling to make ends meet, Unadadi, who is a native of Warangal district, started selling vegetables during the pandemic time. She claims she doesn’t believe in keeping “false prestige” and thus is doing her best to survive the economic crisis.

Unadadi wakes up every day at 4 am, goes to the wholesale market for buying vegetables and after that sells them on a pavement in the city. She spends almost 12 hours at this job to earn a few bucks for the survival of her family. “There is nothing to be ashamed of. It was a question of survival. I did not even have to think for a moment about how we would see ourselves through in a crisis,” said Undadi Sharada, Times Of India reported.

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Now, Simmba actor Sonu Sood has offered a job to the techie. Sonu became aware of Undadi Sharada’s situation via a user on Twitter, and offered to help the young girl immediately.

“My official met her. Interview done. Job letter already sent. Jai Hind,” Sonu Sood tweeted late on Monday evening.

What You Should Know

  • The 26-year-old techie from Hyderabad started selling vegetables after she lost her job in the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Undadi Sharada sells vegetables on a pavement in Srinagar Colony.
  • She opted for selling vegetables because her father used to do the same.
  • Actor Sonu Sood has stepped in and offered a job to the young woman.

Three months into the job, crisis left her unemployed

According to Sharada, the MNC she was working with could not afford to pay her salary since March. “They said they would not even be able to pay me half the salary. Since they also had no projects to accommodate me in, I had to leave,” she said, adding, “I have been able to pay our house rent, meet all our family needs and we are able to live an honourable life with our hard work.”

Sharada is a graduate in computer science engineering from HiTech Engineering College at Moinabad. After college, she went on to work as a project analyst in a company in Delhi for several years. “For two years, I tried to set up my own projects, but they did not work out due to the issue of finances. But after I got a job in an IT company, it lasted only three months because of COVID situation,” she revealed.

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But why selling vegetables?

Sharada has seen her father Venkataiah working as a vegetable vendor so opting for the same was her first choice. Her father is now stuck at his native place Gannaram in Warangal rural district and Sharada took up the responsibility of earning on her own. She said that there is no shame in selling vegetables since it is honest work. She would spend a couple of hours every day doing door-to-door delivery of vegetables too but she doesn’t want to be stuck at this job forever. “Of course, I would like to get into a proper job. It can also be the power sector and not just the IT industry with some additional training,” she said.

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