Get Ready For Gender-Neutral Emoji This Year

Gender-neutral emoji approved for 2017

The world seems to be moving towards gender neutrality. A new emoji series for 2017 were introduced earlier this week and they have been created to resemble a child, adult and an older person representing all genders. Including the third gender is on the cards too. Amazing isn’t it?

The evolution of Emoji

No one can deny that writing down your emotions take longer than just plugging the right emoji, according to your mood and sense. Here’s a set of emoji fashioned for you to become more gender-neutral in everyday social life. And, in the midst of the gender equality debate the world is engaging with these days, what could be a better way to express neutrality?

Gender-neutral emoji approved for 2017

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In the past few years, emoji have become a part of social media lives, so why should they be restricted to only one shape? Now, they are more diverse than ever with greater representation for women and other genders. And these emoji come with different hair and skin colour, fashion and looks.

Facebook introduced dozens of different gender options in 2014

How to get the emoji on your phone?

Well, the new emoji are in the market but how can you use them with your phone? That’s tricky. It depends on the smartphone manufacturer you use and it’s their call whether or not to add this features.

You can now search for emoji to send to boy and girl, man and woman, and even older man and older woman – it’s all just a click away. While the same initiative was taken in 2010, this is the first time that a big list of icons, Emoji 5.0, having options for child, adult and older person have been introduced.

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“At the very least, this release indicates companies like Apple or Google are happy putting a gender inclusive set of three people on the emoji keyboard,” said Jeremy Burge of the Emojipedia website, claiming that their creation is the first explicit emoji to cater to all genders, The Telegraph reported.

The latest also features a woman covering her head, a breastfeeding mother, and also steak and broccoli. Similarly, a total 69 individual symbols designed in different skin tone and gender have been offered. Not fun enough? Emoji 5.0 symbols also include vampires, zombies, merpeople, and bearded men.

Gender-Neutral Emoji Alert In 2017

The series of gender neutral emoji are hitting the App store towards the end of this year but only in the next versions of the Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

A designer at Adobe, Paul Hunt, first proposed the idea gender-neutral emoji. The other emoji on the 2017 list are a genie, breastfeeding and a bearded man, as well as flags for England, Scotland and Wales.

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Feature Image Credit: The Telegraph

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