Gargi Investigation Finds Major Lapse In Security Of The Fest

Case of mass harassment in Gargi College on 6th February led to an uprising of student strikes. A police probe has deemed college authorities responsible for the security lapse. Upto 17 arrests have been made by the Delhi Police as a response to the FIR filed.

Reports of the Fact Finding Committee

Students of Gargi College elected a Fact Finding Committee consisting of a student and teacher representative from each course. As per reports,  this committee has recorded more than 600 accounts of witnesses. As per a statement by the student body, the said committee found that there was a gross lapse in the security of the fest. The primary report added that the college officials underestimated the crowd that would arrive at the fest. Hence representatives suggested an immediate sensitization of the college staff in the light of gender issues.

A more detailed report is yet to be released.

What Now?

The college authorities have agreed to conduct elections for an Internal Complaints Committee for reporting sexual abuse and harassment. The panel also announced that “the ICC of the college is grossly biased and compromised and shall form a new ICC as per the UGC requirements by the end of February”.

The FCC has issued notice to the principal and also posed questions to the police, however on account of discrepancies Delhi Police has not answered any questions. As per the statement of the student body, Delhi police needs time to file a comprehensive report.

As per reports the student body will be meeting with the DCW on Saturday to get information about their probes into the case.

Meanwhile students have continued classes because of approaching examinations. For now hourly class boycotts are taking place.

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Vipashyana Dubey is an intern with SheThePeople