Theatres all over India are now gearing up to welcome viewers after more than six months of hiatus due to COVID-19. Movie buffs can finally look forward to enjoying the ‘big-screen experience’ again. A slew of Bollywood movies are slated for a re-release, including Taapsee Pannu’s sleeper hit, Thappad, which initially released in February 2020.

Here are five reasons why you should watch the critically acclaimed film as it hits theatres the second time around:

1. For Taapsee Pannu’s Firecracker Performance

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that no other Bollywood actress could bring Amrita, Thappad’s protagonist, to life as masterfully as Taapsee Pannu does. She perfectly captures the angst and sorrow of a woman whose illusions of a happily-ever-after are shattered after her husband slaps her publicly. Pannu is known for channeling in the quintessential strong Indian woman with finesse in her performances. In Thappad, too, she portrays a progressive character who puts her self-respect above everything and everyone else.

2. For Its Strong Female Supporting Characters

Pannu’s memorable performance and character are backed by an equally memorable ensemble of strong female supporting characters. Tanvi Azmi puts forth a realistic portrayal of a mother who is struggling to grapple with the fact that her son’s sense of entitlement is a result of shortcomings in his upbringing. Ratna Pathak Shah as Amrita’s loving and eventually supportive mother is a treat to watch. Dia Mirza’s character comes across as an independent modern Indian woman we all may have met in our lives at one point or another.

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3. For its Impactful Representation Of Domestic Violence

Many Bollywood movies have dealt with the social vice of domestic violence in the past. However, Thappad stands apart from the crowd due to its sensitive portrayal of such a critical issue. The movie shows how even just one slap counts as domestic violence, how it derives from everyday actions that promote male entitlement, and how speaking up is always more important than letting go.

4. For Its Endearing Portrayal Of Father-Daughter Relationship

Thappad brings a new kind of Indian father to the celluloid screen– one who puts his daughter’s respect and happiness above society’s notions of a girl’s ‘duties’ and ‘honour’. Amrita’s father, played by Kumud Mishra, is sensitive to his daughter’s marital problems and provides her with unconditional support and encouragement when she decides to divorce her husband over a slap and raise her child as a single mother. Bollywood surely needs more characters like this one.

5. For Pavail Gulati’s Impressive Debut Performance

Newcomer Pavail Gulati’s performance as the typically misogynistic husband is bang-on. The career-driven character spends the majority of the movie justifying his action and making futile attempts to win her back. However, his last monologue, full of remorse and a new worldview, drives home the fact that misogyny is as harmful to the men as it is to women.

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Thappad is an amazing film that entertains and enlightens in equal parts. So make sure you grab this second chance to watch the movie in a theatre near you.

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Tarini Gandhiok is an intern with SheThePeople.TV.

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