Here's What To Watch This Last Weekend Of November 2023

Image Credit: Freepik

The Railway Men

After a deadly gas leaks from a factory in Bhopal, brave railway workers risk their lives to save people. Where to watch: Netflix

Squid Game: The Challenge

Inspired by the TV series, Squid Game, real-life contestants compete in a series of high-stakes game. Where to watch: Netflix


An orphan genius Niyati gets entangled in a cheating racket with some of her rich friends. Where to watch: In Theatres


Tara embarks on a journey to unravel the mysteries surrounding her mother's sudden demise. Where to watch: In Theatres

Last Call for Instanbul

Two married people and an unforgettable night full of excitement, desire, and temptation in New York City. Where to watch: Netflix

The Aam Aadmi Family

This season Includes the dynamic of an Indian middle class family. Where to watch: Zee 5