10 Episodes Of Monica & Chandler's Everlasting Love

When it comes to iconic television romances, few can rival the heartwarming journey of Monica and Chandler on the iconic series 'Friends.' As we bid farewell to our beloved Matthew Perry, who played the character of Chandler Bing, let's delve into their journey to reminisce the top 10 Monica and Chandler moments that left us all in awe. (Credits -reddit.com)

The One With the Birth

Before the flame of romance ignited between them, Chandler playfully suggested a marriage and baby pact: if they both remained single at the age of 40, they'd have a child together. (Image Credits - pinterest.com.au)

The One at the Beach

The Season 3 finale brings us on a beachside adventure. Monica's lament about her single status sparks Chandler's playful proposal—a moment that teases at the idea of them as a couple (Image credit: pinterest.com.au)

The One With Ross's Wedding

Season 4 graces us with one of the series' most iconic scenes, as Monica and Chandler's romance blossoms in the heart of London. What began as a seemingly casual fling turned out to be the genesis of a beautiful relationship.(Image credit: pinterest.com.au)

The One With All The Thanksgivings

In an affectionate and quirky gesture, Monica's spontaneous, turkey-on-the-head dance to brighten Chandler's spirits and Chandler's unintentional 'I love you' is a beautiful moment that reflects the depth of their friendship and love. (Image credit: pinterest.com.au)

The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Monica and Chandler's secret relationship finally comes to light, and in true "Friends" fashion, it's filled with comedic absurdity. Later, Chandler succumbed to the pressure of the act and professed his genuine love for Monica. Moments later, she reciprocated, sealing their love with a kiss. (Image credit: pinterest.com.au)

The One With The Joke

This episode captures one of the sweetest moments in the relationship between Chandler and Monica. To defend her honour, Chandler boldly declares in front of Phoebe and Rachel that Monica is easy-going, despite knowing it's not entirely true. However, his heartfelt confession following the charade, "I like…maintaining you," epitomises his deep understanding of and affection for her. (Credits -reddit.com)

The One With The Proposal

This double-length episode is all about Monica and Chandler taking their relationship to the next level. In a scene that never fails to bring tears, Chandler and Monica's long and winding journey culminates in a heartwarming proposal.(Image credits: imdb.com)

The One With Monica And Chandler's Wedding

Another double-length episode captures the challenges Monica and Chandler face as they prepare for their wedding. Yet what sets the story of their wedding apart was Chandler's heartfelt realisation that he wanted to marry Monica the moment he saw her walking down the aisle (Image Credits - E!)

The One With The Birth Mother

In the episode where they meet Erica while trying to adopt, brings out their genuine and unfiltered love. Amidst adoption mix-ups, Chandler's guilt drove him to confess their true identities to Erica, risking it all. His emotional plea, exposing their deepest desires, swayed Erica's heart. (Image credit: pinterest.com.au)

The Last One

The series finale, aptly named "The Last One," brought the ultimate emotional moment. Monica and Chandler, who had faced numerous challenges, including Monica's infertility, embraced the joy of adoption. (Image credit: pinterest.com.au)